Happy Easter—Happy Spring. A New Beginning Can Start…………..Now.

Easter Flower crossEaster.  My faith tells me that on this day my Lord and Savior not only died for us, but rose from the dead.  It is the basis for all we believe.  To me, I have always felt that Easter was a newness for everyone.  If not the holiday itself, but because of the season it happens; Spring.

Not everyone has the commonality of my faith, but Spring does spring eternal and with everything coming to life after a long, cold winter the season comes with ‘this newness’ to start over again, doesn’t it?

So I decided to ask you today; how do you start over again?  I jump out of bed practically every morning knowing that the day brings with it, something exciting that I have yet to find.  Well not every day, as we all know that life’s ups and downs can impact us one day to the next.  But most days, this is how I approach the start of expectations.

But we cannot possibly live life as if the world around us crumbles… least not live like that every day.  At least, I hope we don’t.  A million times I have stated the line from Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying”.  But when you are at the crossroads….what do YOU DO to be positive?  What do you do in the morning that says, “Enough!”?  What do you do when it is time to begin again…..for your family…..for yourself?

So for Easter being tomorrow, and the Spring days ahead if you believe differently than I, please share with those who just cannot shake the pitfalls of diabetes; share what you do to begin again.  To begin over again for the millionth time, to look through fresh eyes, to bloom in positive-ness; what do you do?

Please share so others can take that step.  Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone.

I am a diabetes dad.

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