A Young Lady, Despite All Odds, Hit Her Goal. What’s Your Excuse?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur kids are truly amazing, are they not?  I am struck this morning about a story, or more of a happening, that a good friend of mine has gone through this week.  It is not enough that this woman’s job has her putting her own life on the line for us each and every day, she had to deal with an incredible story dealing with the survival of her daughter that had much to do with diabetes.

If she chooses to relay the entire story, I will let her do that; but what is important today is that you know in the middle of this incredible hardship; her daughter had a goal.  A goal, perhaps, that she had dreamed about for some time. A goal that also, perhaps, no one would ever expect her to hit with everything she was going through.  And in the midst of it all, she found the strength and the will to accomplish that goal….and it will probably be a highlight in her young life.

Goals are important and more important is that drive to accomplish your goal in the face of adversity and whatever may be thrown in your way.  Do you have a goal?  Is it a big goal?  Is it a daily goal?  Is it a long-term goal?

The interesting thing about goals is that the bigger the goal, the harder the goal, the bigger the payoff when the goal is reached.  Now the determining factor is you; and no one else.  I have a friend of mine who has a severe addiction problem.  Each and every day that she lives without giving into that addiction is a big deal.  Are we to argue that point?  Absolutely not.  In fact for the longest time, I congratulated her each and every day.  A mountain conquered.  The size of the goal is determined by you alone.

Here is another thing about goals; when you hit them, you feel great.  And I have to tell you that our kids are fabulous at setting goals.  It truly does NOT MATTER what they are….just that they are set and attempted.  Each and every one of my kids has set goals for themselves and, as a parent, I marveled how they got to the point that they did.  In fact, in their short lives they have set many goals.  They hit many and the ones that do not work out, are discarded and the next goal is set.

So be like my friend’s daughter who when every odd was against her, laying in a bed, she decided that the norm would just not do; and set out to accomplish her goal, and did just that!!!!   So today, set a goal.  Doesn’t matter what ANYone else thinks of it, just what you think of it.  And go for it.   There is a reason people yell so loudly at a soccer game when the difficult score occurs.


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