You Deserve Some of the Pomp and Circumstance

I could never imagine what it is like to have a disease that is constantly reminded of its existence at every chance it gets.  Lest those of us who don’t have it, ever forget that 24/7/365.  I have written in the past about those who have diabetes going through life ‘with an asterisk”.  How amazing is it that it seems the Energizer Bunny has nothing on our kids living with diabetes.  They do not necessarily have to be overachievers, they just need to be able to function in this world dealing with everything they deal with.

Now that I’m in my third decade (yeeeeeeeeesh!!!!!) watching my kids deal with this monster, I am not only blown away at all they have accomplished but am humbled by the way in which they live their lives handcuffed to such an unpredictable disease.

I am sure your kids are not much different.  Look at all they have accomplished. Think back to when you were first diagnosed…think about it…life was about to change forever.  Things you took for granted now became questionable at best.  How could they do sports in school, much less a sleepover?  Eventually, the ‘new normal’ settled in, but know this: that only happened because you made it happen.

Now, we marvel at our kids’ accomplishments, knowing full well that parents who do not have to deal with such challenges will never understand.  Despite highs, lows, and everything that comes with it…we taught them that. We taught them that diabetes could be tamed, or at least tolerated, if the correct steps were taken to tame the beast.

As we head into June, the month of graduations, moving up, and moving on ceremonies, and you watch and admire your graduate, yeah, most parents are the ones responsible for backing their child through the learned years.  But in addition to all of that, you also had their backs.  They thrived because you went without sleep.  They could because you went without.  They achieved because you showed them how.  So next time you walk by a mirror, Mom or Dad, look at your reflection and notice why you are walking a bit taller and a bit stronger.  It’s because your child is as well.

Enjoy their accomplishments.

I am a diabetes dad.

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