They Go Through the Bad as Well……..WITH Diabetes.

Flip sideWhen is enough, enough?  It just seems to me that the resilience and positive-ness of our kids gets tested time and time again………and again.  Our kids, sometimes, seem to bounce-back from almost anything.  I once wrote an article that referenced the fact that all of the accomplishments are our kids have done, always seem to come with an asterisk; because they accomplished whatever they did, all while having diabetes.

That is an important fact to remember while they achieve such wonderful things in their lives but there is a flip-side to this as well.  Unfortunately, the flip-side can also impact their blood sugar as well as their psyche.

I am speaking of more than getting through the flu, or an illness that comes and goes.  I am speaking of hardships.  We must always remember that the hardships our children go through also come while they are dealing with diabetes.  Spouses/partners should know this about their mates with diabetes as adults as well.

The loss of a job, the operation that goes wrong, the miscarriage, getting ‘cut’ at tryouts in school, school-in-general-and-everything-that-goes-with-it, dealing with a death or tragedy, failing at something, being diagnosed with an additional ailment (celiac jumps out at me but there are more), and anything else that is part of life–for those with diabetes is different from those without.

The impact is different, the caring for is different, and we (all of us who care and love those who have diabetes) must be cognizant of this fact…….always.

My article today, is but a mere reminder.

I am a diabetes dad.

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