93,936 Hours….To Be Ready at ANY Given Moment. The Expired Glucagon Dry Run!

Glucagon TomEvery hour that ‘ticks’ by each and every day; we have to be ready to grab the emergency glucagon.  

When this one expired, Jill left it for me, which means she took the last one, and used it ‘to practice’. 


She has written the note numerous times since September 26th, 1992.  We sort of have glucagon everywhere.  You know why…….just in case.  Right?

93,936 hours we have been at this and at each and any moment we wonder, will it be needed at the next hour, minute, today, next week, or whenever.  After 93,936 hours I still ‘have to practice’ to make sure that the next time it is needed I can get it right. 

Through the trembling hands, the shaky body, and the adrenaline that will be all hitting my body at once I need to know that I can do the steps necessary to save Kaitlyn or Rob’s life.

We do this each and every time one expires.  If you are just discarding yours, I strongly suggest you work through the steps so this is second nature to you when, and if, you ever need it.   As much as second nature it might be.  May you never…….but that is a crap shoot we all know about….don’t we?

I am pretty sure most people practice with it when it expires, but even if just one person says, ‘Hmmmmm, never thought to do that”…….well that would be worth the entire column today.  (Obviously ‘practice’ means to mix the ingredients only…inject into an orange if anything; not a person—check with your medical professional if you need further explanation).

93,936 hours……waiting to do something at any given moment……..just in case.  I’ll remember that the next time I am told (again) “Well, it IS ‘just diabetes’.

I am a diabetes dad

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There’s Hot….and There’s Diabetes Hot……..Be Prepared This Summer

boiling sunSummer.

Well here it comes fast and furious.  Blockbuster movies, warmer weather, HOT weather, graduating seniors, beach trips, summer trips, and…………diabetes.

Those of us with experience know the many pitfalls surrounding heat and the havoc it can play on blood glucose numbers and diabetes.  There is hot, and there is ‘diabetes hot’.

Both hot weather and high blood sugar can cause dehydration—and they will play off each other constantly; so keep those fluids around in plentiful and keep them flowing.

Wear foot wear AT ALL TIMES, sometimes those ‘nick-cuts’ can turn into something so much more.

Workouts should be where there is air conditioning; and outside work and work-outs should be toward the cooler parts of the days in the early morning or in the evening.

Watch your insulin and the extreme heat which impacts its potency. Never store insulin in the freezer, in direct sunlight, in the car or the car’s glove compartment.  Also know that with the heat comes humidity which can impact glucose strips and meters

Pump users–sweat, extra sweat?????–not a good friend to pump wearers. Various preparations for the skin might help but keep an eye on the adhesive.  Also–buying one of those cold-gel-packs and placing your pump in pump pack alongside of it might help (this is only a problem rarely but if concerned, this is a possible solution.

Know that heated insulin should always be watched to make sure the potency is not weakened; if constant highs are ‘creeping in’ it may be time to change your insulin; speak to your medical professional for specific warning signs.

You will be more active in the summer time which could also alter your absorption rate–again check with your medical professional but know this fact from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist: Hypoglycemia episodes and hospital emergency visits can rise by 30% in heat waves and summertime….so be alert.

With the summer months comes hurricane season; make sure you have an emergency kit ready to go, with everything you need to last you a good 2-3 weeks; just in case.

These are just a few things to keep an eye on for the summer.  It is such a GREAT TIME of the year which should be enjoyed to the maximum.  So take a few steps now and prepare and be ready.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to add and share any summer tidbits you have…..we can all learn.

Enjoy the sunshine.

I am a diabetes dad.

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