Where Are These People…….Seriously????????????

Where are youI have no right to feel this way.  I want to get that right out in the open at the onset.  I mean what everyone does, they do because they can, do, or choose to do……or do they?

I saw a name today, I do not want to mention where or how but they were speaking of their child with diabetes; and perhaps they have done a lot; but I have never seen their name attached to anything significant and man-oh-man have they the power to make a difference.  The question needs to be asked…..are you doing enough?

Just to be clear, I am not speaking of the PWDS, moms and dads and those who do what they can do and they do a lot.  I am speaking to those people who KNOW THEY HAVE THE POWER AND INFLUENCE to make a difference; they know when they speak people will listen.  And what???????……….zippo.

I watch as so many orchestrate, organize, and just do things to try to make a difference.  They create petitions for awareness, they try to raise an additional dollar for a cure, a camp, or to help those in need.  Yet, so many have the power of the media that if they CHOOSE to, they could shine a very bright light on a specific side of diabetes.

Now I am not speaking of showing up at an event and giving a check because one can; I am reminding them of people who give because they HAVE TO.  I am reminding THEM that there are those who give of their time and their money because diabetes will just not do in their lives. These people give until it hurts.

If you have a child with diabetes are you giving until it hurts? 

Are you giving what you can because it’s easy?

I’m sorry when I read about Halle Berry curing her diabetes, Paula Dean doing or not doing what she should, and I am even more sorry that when they GET IT WRONG they are catapulted to the front pages across the land.

And still, discussions are held in so many foundation-circles in an attempt to “reach that” person who has a diabetes connection to see if they can help.  We should not HAVE TO REACH out to them, they should be reaching out to us (the collective us who can but them to good work).

(This added by the writer after a post from a reader:  I am sensitive to the fact that some people, being in the limelight, may have their children’s privacy compromised—-no one wants this either; mine is but a question to those who have the power to make a difference; are you?  One can still be involved without media attention and I know this as a fact because I know some are doing so.   My question is just that—-a question to ask are you doing enough?) 

There are those that get involved and do much…..obviously I am not referring to them.  I don’t care if a child was diagnosed 30 years ago or two weeks ago.  ALL OF US must give until it hurts.  ALL OF US MUST DO UNTIL IT HURTS.  Celebrity, movie producer, athlete, movie star, moms, dads, people with diabetes……if we do not DO IT (whatever that defines) NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR US.

If you are not involved…….guess what……..you are not involved.

I heard a great line a few weeks ago; a friend of mine was talking to a friend who was stating how much they have done, or did do, and were not as active in doing so much anymore.  My friend asked one simple question: “How’s that going for you?”

There is still no cure and there are still places that do great work that are struggling badly.  THE. JOB. IS. NOT. DONE. YET.

Need any ideas……you just let me know.  You are the light bulb…..I will help you shine like you never have before…..just drop me a line.

Our kids still live with diabetes every day.  Get involved until it hurts……our kids deserve nothing less. 

I am a diabetes dad.

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