Taking Off……She is on Her Way

jetOn her way. 

In a little while Kaitlyn boards a plane bound for the Children With Diabetes (CWD) Conference in Canada.  It’s snowing, and that is cause for a little anxiety.  It’s on a plane, and that always has its parent-self-inflicted anxiety level (funny thing is that when I fly, I have little).  She will be in a foreign country……I know it’s our closest friends in Canada, but still….it’s acroos our border.

What I have little worry about is her diabetes.  Perhaps it’s because she will be at CWD conference or perhaps it’s because I know how hard she works at it.  I know, I know, it can always derail; I get that; but I remember another time just like it.

When Kaitklyn was growing up it was a rite of passage to go to the deli a few blocks away.  When you could walk with your friends without being accompanied by an adult.  Kids usually bought chips or soda or something like that and early on Kaitlyn’s love for deli pickles worked in our favor very, very, well.  It was a funny observance that over the years, almost each participant left the junk food for Kaitlyn’s favorite also.  I remember the first time I watched them walk down the block thinking ‘this is a very good thing’ and knew she would return safely.

Today is such a day.   She is going to help others.  She is going to be with younger ones and at times she will share what she knows and she will also be ready to help.  CWD is a very important place for us as a family.  If you have not been to a conference, you should go and I will write more about that in the not-to-distant-future.

When was it that you realized your child, was ‘on their way’?  Please share.

Today, a jet will take-off and Kaitlyn will be on it.  ‘On her way’ in more ways than one.  She will go, help, and return safely……..a far cry from the deli but still, ‘a very good thing’.

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