School Horror Story…….How Did YOU Build a Good Relationship? Please Share!

schools outI was reading a story yesterday and it seems to be that there is always much going on surrounding schools…..ever notice that point?   Certainly understandable when you consider the amount of time our kids spend in school.

When it comes to diabetes, for the most part, these posts are not good.  I have often stated that friction vs. friction will only get you heat; and for the most part that is true.  Parents have been in discussions and used phrases like “… need to do what I am asking, I PAY YOUR SALARY….”  yeah, that’s probably a phrase that should be avoided at all costs.

Frustration, anger, and misunderstandings have, since diagnosis, given some families real ‘agita’.

Over the years there are some stories that stand out; and not all bad believe it or not.  Here are just a few:
The assistant principal that told the child a cell phone was not allowed in school and when told it was an insulin pump, did not believe the child, reached down and pulled it off.

The child who came home from school and told her parents that her school nurse wanted to work out a way to wear an insulin pump for a few days so she understood what it was like (it was arranged with saline).

The school calling home to inform the parents about an upcoming-few-days-away trip at a theme park and asked the parents to come to the school and explain to everyone going on the trip (kids included) about diabetes and about various warning signs so the whole class would have ‘the child’s back’.

The elementary school teacher that called home and said, “There is a child’s birthday party here tomorrow, you probably should keep your child (with diabetes) home.”

FLIP-SIDE The elementary school teacher that called home and said “There is a child’s birthday party here in school tomorrow and it is the first one since your child was diagnosed with diabetes, what can or should I do.  Teach me.”

There are always good and bad to so many situations in schools.  My son graduates high school this month.  Both my kids with diabetes truly could not have been in a better school district when it came to their diabetes.

It breaks my heart when I read the horror stories.  I would love to hear from those that had good relationships.  Please share why you think it was a good relationship; how did you build that to a ‘good place’.   I’m sure others could learn and would want to learn….so kindly share.

This could help people to start working for next year’s academic year; but for this year it will soon be……school’s out!

I am a diabetes dad.

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