It’s Diabetes Awareness Month; So….uhm….uh….Yeah?

yeahWell it’s here…….NOVEMBER.  The ‘holiday season’ for people with diabetes.  Diabetes awareness month, world diabetes day, blue, blue, blue……….right?


I have watched this month pass for the better part of twenty-one years now and please excuse me if I don’t get too excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Big Blue Test that the Diabetes Hands Foundation organizes and YOU SHOULD ALL TAKE PART; and I know many organizations do many things to recognize the day/month but in our house; but we do not need a special month to be reminded of anything.

I would say that if these diabetes efforts, concentrated in November each year, crossed-over to the public consciousness; well that would be worth the effort.  But if what we do each year reaches out to……well…….just ourselves in the diabetes community; if it’s all the same to everyone else—I don’t need a reminder.

I’m not being negative here, I am stating that if someone, not in the diabetes community, can cause such a buzz reaction within our own diabetes community (remember Paula Deen) why cannot the diabetes community create something to cause a positive spin-buzz (I just made that word up) in the health community/general public-at-large?   Otherwise, what are we doing during November each year?

My point—-you have one point to make.  One message to get to all those who do not have/understand/know/feel diabetes…….what is the message you deliver?  How do you deliver it?  So here is the challenge——share the one message (yes, only one) that you would want to get out there during this month?  What do we want OTHERS to know?

Let us know………perhaps by the end of this month we can make it a spin-buzz to the outside world and create a November to remember.

I am a diabetes dad

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