NEWS BREAK: It Happened Again…….Get OUT, Your Child has Diabetes. ENOUGH!!!!!

RedAngryFaceLook–this is starting to get on my nerves.  In fact I am starting to really get pissed off. 

A lawsuit was just filed, by a single mom, in Cape Corla Florida that a child was discriminated against as “…..alleging the city discriminated against her daughter by not allowing employees at its after-school and summer programs to administer insulin and glucagon injections to those who suffer from the disease.”  

Now this is enough to drive anyone crazy but read this next statement, sent to the mom by a Mr. Mike Quigley, the Risk Manager; and your blood will boil; “Having to administer insulin shots would be an undue hardship on the City, as it would be required to have a nurse present with your daughter at all times. Such accommodation is not required by the ADA,”  (ADA-American Disabilities Act)

Undo hardship on the city????????????


So my question to Mr. Quigley, what’s the option; let her die?  Just do not allow the child to partake in the activities?  Screw it, what do you care?   So just find no answer.

Imagine these horrendous scenarios:
You cannot participate because your fat, your religious garments would get in the way of activities so you cannot participate, your nationality background would not lend itself to the activities for participation—-if anything; ANYTHING, resembling these statements were even whispered; the world would have a holy fit over it.  People would be calling for someone’s resignation.   Protests and headlines would be all over the newspapers——discrimination IS discrimination…….PERIOD.

But here we are again; it’s just diabetes.  So who cares what is said to the child?  Who cares how the child feels being told to get out?  Who feels anything needs to go further, we interpret the law this way, deal with it.

(YELLING) WHAT ABOUT THE CHILD????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. Am. Just. So. Tired. Of. It.

Aren’t you?

I am a diabetes dad.

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