NEWS BREAK: It Happened Again…….Get OUT, Your Child has Diabetes. ENOUGH!!!!!

RedAngryFaceLook–this is starting to get on my nerves.  In fact I am starting to really get pissed off. 

A lawsuit was just filed, by a single mom, in Cape Corla Florida that a child was discriminated against as “…..alleging the city discriminated against her daughter by not allowing employees at its after-school and summer programs to administer insulin and glucagon injections to those who suffer from the disease.”  

Now this is enough to drive anyone crazy but read this next statement, sent to the mom by a Mr. Mike Quigley, the Risk Manager; and your blood will boil; “Having to administer insulin shots would be an undue hardship on the City, as it would be required to have a nurse present with your daughter at all times. Such accommodation is not required by the ADA,”  (ADA-American Disabilities Act)

Undo hardship on the city????????????


So my question to Mr. Quigley, what’s the option; let her die?  Just do not allow the child to partake in the activities?  Screw it, what do you care?   So just find no answer.

Imagine these horrendous scenarios:
You cannot participate because your fat, your religious garments would get in the way of activities so you cannot participate, your nationality background would not lend itself to the activities for participation—-if anything; ANYTHING, resembling these statements were even whispered; the world would have a holy fit over it.  People would be calling for someone’s resignation.   Protests and headlines would be all over the newspapers——discrimination IS discrimination…….PERIOD.

But here we are again; it’s just diabetes.  So who cares what is said to the child?  Who cares how the child feels being told to get out?  Who feels anything needs to go further, we interpret the law this way, deal with it.

(YELLING) WHAT ABOUT THE CHILD????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. Am. Just. So. Tired. Of. It.

Aren’t you?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Tom, isn’t this similar to the CA case ( I agreed with u about the school nurses, but D kids became the issue)? What we found out in Miami is that sometimes these rules are put on the books without thought (obviously) and then the administrators use them as gospel because “the book says so”. I’m glad this woman is suing because you’d be surprised how many families just give in because they don’t realize that they can fight. We need to change the ” rules” the way they have been changed for epi pens

It clearly looks like it is someone stating what they ‘believe’ has jurisdiction over whom/what and is that wording correct. My point is just that—-somewhere, someone, IS FORGETTING the kids!!!!! Hence my point. Thanks for writing Lori.

This is so wrong. When I read the article one of the first statements was that only 5% of diabetics have T1. Does that mean that we write them off? Most are diagnosed as children. Do they have no voice? Perhaps the fury of all the Diabetes Moms and Dads out there will raise a stink enough for the discrimination to stop!!! Wrong is wrong, no matter what!!

Wow, this isn’t right. And all the while this family is even more burdened by not having a place for her to go.

We teach CPR and the use of AED device in standard First Aid courses. Is learning how to identify a blood sugar low and administering fast acting carbs or Glucagon any more difficult than learning how to identify a heart attack and pushing on their chest (possibly breaking their ribs), or shocking them with electricity?

Since I couldn’t budge the closed minds of the school district employees and didn’t have the money to sue the school district, I chose to home school. Still, it shouldn’t have had to be that way. My son would have been much less isolated if they would have done what was right, fair, and legal.

As someone diagnosed at age of 16, I actually left school 6 months after I was diagnosed due to people harassing me and giving me issues. It was the student, teachers and other staff who felt like it was a bother to their students and I was a freak because I was giving myself shots. I wouldn’t do it in front of anyone. I was always in the nurses office giving them to myself. I’m a lot better off now. I have provided that a Type 1 Diabetic can go out, get two different degrees (I’m working on a third along with Apple certifications) and have a family. Luckily my biological does not have it and neither does my step son. I know how it feels to be discriminated against. I was supposed to graduate in 2002. I actually graduated sooner getting a GED. This doesn’t mean kids should go and drop out by no means. There are things I wasn’t able to do but I feel in my position it was the best at the time. My mom agreed.

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