NEWS BREAK: Forbes-“No Such Thing as Type 2 Diabetes…” Seeking DOC Input.


ForbesThere has been much, much discussion about the T1/T2 diabetes name confusion/change/clarification and what to do about it.  Below I have a link to a story that appears in Forbes Magazine by Alice Walton, a contributor that covers health, medicine, psychology and neuroscience.

Ms. Walton states in her article that we should be rid of the Type 2 diabetes name forever and continues in justifying why; but by time the reader is finished reading, one realizes that she is actually advocating for a name change.  But you read for yourself and feel free to share your comment.

Here is the link:

When we leave the world of our Diabetes Online Community with our ideas and thoughts; and we start making it to mainstream media; it translates to the simple fact, people are beginning to listen.

It might even make sense for us, who write, to send the Forbes article to top-tier folks at the NIH, ADA, WHO, CDC and say; “I am writing an article as a follow-up to this recent publication, care to comment?”

Someone captures a quote from one of these top Docs as an acknowledgment of being correct—-it could get picked up around the world.   If no one else wants to do it, let me know; and I’ll do it.

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