Applause smileJessica Collins writes a blog called “Me and D” and it is always a great read.  She calls it like she, not only sees it but, lives it.

She lives by a mantra that should be cut out and posted above everyone’s bedpost–having diabetes or not.

She writes:
The biggest accomplishment for all of us living with any kind of diabetes is to, simply, live our lives.  To keep putting one foot in front of the other.  To go after what we want in spite of diabetes, and to not let it stop us.

She has battled many things and she has accomplished more; spend some time and learn more about her and read; her words are golden nuggets of education. 

As I was taking a Sunday stroll through the fields of FB this fine morning, I came across a post she had for today:
Saw a teenage girl with an Omnipod on her arm. I said “I spy an Omnipod!” When she looked up, I pointed at my pump. She threw her hands in the air and said “diabetics unite!” 

PWDs are awesome.


And it is this very point I choose to write about today.  PWDS are awesome (and just in case you do not know, PWDs are People with Diabetes.)  d-Moms; d-Dads, and PWDs… words and acronyms for Webster’s Dictionary.

PWDs are not ‘just’ anything, they are incredible people.  They live their lives and many live to the fullest.  Many share their thoughts and words, as Jessica does, to help someone else going through what they go through or have gone through.

They do not have to do that, but many do.

The result is that others learn, others listen, others are able to further help others.  It is an incredible chain of ongoing events.

I’m a dad.  I could never tell you how much I have learned about this ‘new normal’ reading the words of people who live it……..every day. 

Many people with diabetes (Manny Hernandez, Gary Scheiner, Chris Fraker, Joe Solowiejczyk, Nathalie Bellini, Jim Vail, Nicole Johnson–come to mind immediately; and there are many, many more) have literally changed the world with the things they do and the people they have helped over the years.

Those who choose to help would tell you that they are not really doing ‘anything’ extraordinary…..and they would be wrong with that statement; because they are touching lives all the time.

As a dad, I want  to thank those PWDs who choose to ‘get involved’, to help; to make a difference; to teach all of us that diabetes just will not do in this world.  You live by example.

Who has helped you in this ongoing battle?  Let us know.

To quote Jessica’s story again:
She threw her hands in the air and said “diabetics unite!” 
…….and we all do the same; and say thank you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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