Don’t Diabetes and Drive

Driving dogI have stated before that one of the hardest things I have done with all three of our children is turn over the keys in what surely is a right-of-passage; the right to drive. 

Now I am sure that kids do not behave like our pets and do everything we tell them, do they? 
When it comes to driving, this concerns me greatly.

I have feared cars all my life.  If you were a therapist, and you knew me well enough, I am sure you would be able to find a very strong link to my fear and when Patty Loprieno was chasing me in second grade and I ran right in front of a car…..and boom.  I was shaken up for some time.  It was a dark car and I remember the woman with glasses behind the wheel.  That is an interesting fact because the only time I ever saw her in  my life, before or since, was when I ruined her day by running in front of the car.   My point: the memory is very…..there.

I’m grateful that the woman had the sense of mind to be going very slowly in a school zone and watching for idiots like me.  I was banged and bruised and stayed in bed for a day but that was about the extent of it.  I was very fortunate and my father reminded me of this fact when he arrived home from work and the first words out of his mouth were, “You’re lucky you weren’t picked up with a shovel.”

So now you know I have a real problem with cars.

Am I alone when I ask, “Is anyone else worried that kids with diabetes do not check their blood sugar before they drive.  Most kids will say they do but I just have a hard time believing that they comply with this request each and every time.  Does two hours before “still count” because “I feel fine”?

I remember years ago I read an article by Mike Hoskins but if I remember correctly it was about dos and don’ts and stickers one could have for your car to make sure your are not identified incorrectly as a drunk driver should you go low (I like the decal idea).  And others have written about what to do or what not to do when driving with diabetes.  Today I seek input on ‘what actually is done’ before driving. 

I would like to say that this is a non-negotiable point in my house but with one child 23 and the other almost 18 telling me they check all of the time……well this is just one of those times we have to take their word because we cannot always be in the back seat.

I would like the REAL story from people with diabetes; would you share with us what you REALLY do when you drive and how often do check your blood sugar and dare I ask (because I do not have diabetes); should blood sugar be checked each and every time before the key hits the ignition?

What is the ‘safe window’ of time that one can test?

I know all the rules and ‘regulations’ us parents say—-but if some PWDs could share this perspective, it would surely gives us parents some insight.   Please share.


I am a diabetes dad

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The Final Text Message Before Death at the Wheel……Share with Your Kids.

TextMany different news sources are running the story about Alexander Heit, a University of Northern Colorado Student who was driving and texting and in the middle of the text message, I have posted here, he swerved into oncoming traffic, jerked his wheel back and rolled his car; he died a short time later.

My own daughter, Kaitlyn, was in a head-on collision because of such a distraction from an oncoming driver.  Even after almost a year of physical therapy, she still has both the pains and the nightmares.

Alexander’s parents have courageously shared this, his final text message (you will see he was in the middle of the message when the crash ended his life), in the hope it might save just one person’s life.  I highly applaud them for their incredible efforts and offer condolences on such a senseless way to die.

Share this with your kids.

The message could have been about anything, there is nothing significant in this message–why could have it not waited until it was safe to converse?  Why?  WHY?

DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE; TURN THE PHONE OFF.  And while we are at it, if you have diabetes NEVER START THE CAR until your blood sugar is checked. EVER!

I am a diabetes dad.

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