Mother Sentenced to 16 Years for Death of her T1 Daughter; Neglect……What Are Your Thoughts?


She was nine years old when she died.  Did we, perhaps, light blue candles back when we heard?  As months and years went on, the story unraveled.  The incredible horror of life was told, and the results were as baffling as they were horrendous.  How?  Why? 

Who stood by and only watched.  In this day; in this age?  How so sad.

I would be very interested what you think after you read this story.  Kindly hit reply and feel free to comment and give your input to this horrendous story.

Reported by the New York Daily News via Dallas Morning News :
A Texas mom was jailed for the death of her diabetic daughter after failing to control her condition by letting her eat sugar-filled sweet treats.

Georgia Jones, 31, will spend the next 16 years locked up after confessing to feeding Chasity Butler, who was just nine, foods that were high in glucose.  (Diabetes Dad NOTE: Other stories on this news showed that there was ‘other neglect’ over the years and this reads a bit differently than some of the other stories I found.  That neglect was stated in other stories beginning before her daughter’s diagnosis of T1—FYI)

She also left Chasity — who died on her mom’s bed in May 2008 next to a bag of candy and a half-eaten cupcake — to take her own blood-glucose-level readings and insulin injections. (DD Note: remember she was 9 at the time of her death)

Jones, from Dallas, was arrested a year after her daughter’s death — which a coroner ruled was natural from complications of her Type I diabetes.

But Jones was, according to cops and state Child Protective Services, responsible for not preventing the death as she did not monitor or treat the condition. (DD NOTE: Other reports I found were that Ms. Jones was responsible to send her daughter’s glucose numbers to CPS much more frequently than she did.)

Investigators in the case revealed Jones did not turn up to a Diabetes 101 class a week after her daughter fell into a coma and was diagnosed with the disease in 2005.

The night of her death, they also found that Chasity — who had dangerously high glucose levels, stomach pains and diarrhea — was fed candy and noodles to celebrate her sister’s birthday.

Jones’ husband Marqus Butler, whose mother now has custody of Chasity’s four sisters, previously said his wife let their daughter take a nap.

When they went to check on her, he added, they found she had died.

“Chasity’s diabetes was not monitored properly causing her to be constantly sick and in bed rather than leading a normal life-like other children her age,” Dallas police documents said.

Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Judge Gary Stephens on Monday, the Dallas Morning News reports.

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