Who Needs a Medical Alert I.D. Bracelet? They’ll find it.

Medical I.D. alert bracelets.  What to do with them on kids and do you wear one as an adult?   First of all, not to bash any sort of industry but a medical I.D. alert bracelet is not jewelry.  It has a purpose.  It has a huge purpose.  It is, as it states in the name, to alert.   Should it ever be needed that a medical team needs to know that there is a medical condition needing attention, the bracelet becomes a lifeline of information.

And yet, I find it amazing that so many do not wear one and I also observe some of these bracelets so ‘pretty’ or so ‘cool’ that one cannot even tell a child is wearing one.  Why would anyone take a chance like that? 

I get it.  No one wants to be branded or ‘stamped’.  But if we were in a building, would one not find it odd that the fire extinguishers were so decorated along the walls that you cannot even find them?  Of course it would be odd.  And yet, sometimes, the chances people take with the child’s welfare astounds me.  As my friend Joe Solowijczyk says, “Some things are non-negotiable”.  Wearing one of these, so that it can be easily seen, is such a case.  Not having one could be too costly.

When an EMS is called, they will assess the situation and treat the patient.  They will not fumble all around looking through ‘pretty jewelry’ to make sure it is not a medical alert bracelet.  Now some designs are nice but some are so decorative who would know that it is for what it is intended.

Now to be clear, EMS usually will check fairly thoroughly to see what someone is wearing and in some cases (if the patient is alert) they will ask if they are wearing anything.  But my point is to make sure that something is clearly identifiable as what it is meant to be……..a medical I.D. alert bracelet.

There are many companies out there that sell them.  There was a time, in Canada that there was a program where every school-aged child got one for free; I do not know if it is still in existence.  Perhaps we need to look at that possibility….yes? 

I’m a Diabetesdad.