Diabetes…..Parenting? Is it Water and Oil?

What didParents.

That would be us. 

Do you ever feel like there is ‘parenting’ and with that is also ‘parenting and diabetes’?  No one gave us a manual or a ‘how to’ book, for either.   But it just seems to be that there is a whole chapter (dare I say and entirely different book) when it comes to what we as parents are called upon to do when diabetes becomes the new normal.

I am amazed at the intensely unyielding efforts in which parents try to move mountains, heaven AND earth to help in the diabetes world from their own child to other activities.  They organize events, they advocate, they tend to the daily management plans of their children; they organize school activities INCLUDING management of their children, and keep up this pace without a break. 

What is it that you want your child to absorb from all of your efforts?  What is the one thing that you hope they remember when it’s time for them to go to college and/or enter the adult world?

What have you done that you hope they don’t remember?

To our friends who are now adults with T1, what do you remember about the dynamic between you and your parents when it came to diabetes?

Let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly; the good times, the bad times, and the quiet times.   There is much we can learn from the voices of experience.  Please share what you remember?

People do as people learn; the rest of us guess.

I am a diabetes dad.