It Happened Again……..DAMN-IT……This MUST STOP….Do something!

Blue CandlesAgain.  It happened yet again.

I am beside myself with complete rage and I apologize if my title annoyed or offended you.  I AM JUST SO ANGRY.

Mom takes her child to the Doctor with flu-like symptoms. The doctor advises that the flu has been going around and her child must deal with it.  Five days of hell and it will subside, she is told.

By day three her child would become extremely lethargic.  The Docs office would be no help this time.  The child became unresponsive.  The mom calls 9-1-1.

Two days of intensive intervention and despite the heroic efforts, it it all to to no avail and the child dies.  DKA.  And why?

I am so furious that once again a simple test might, AND I SAY MIGHT, have had an extremely different end to this story.

Throughout the month of March, many organizations will making their annual drive to Capitol Hill.  I know it is to ask for funding, but is there anyone else out there that thinks these organizations may want to find one of these parents who lost their child and ask them to join in the efforts.  To tell their horrible and compelling story.

I get it.  Great photo ops and kids and people with diabetes talking to congressional leaders.  More money for funding.  More money for treatment.  Makes sense, but more needs to be added.

I beg these organizations who are experts on approaching Capitol Hill and our elected leaders in Washington to also remember that there are children and people with diabetes who cannot speak for themselves.  Because when they were diagnosed, they were already dead.  SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPEAK FOR THEM.  If not a diabetes organization……….let me know who?

If you agree with this please pass it on, share,  comment, yell, scream, and kick your feet because if we can get one legislative on national health initiatives to hear us and help us to inform Doctors to run one simple blood test for diabetes than perhaps we will safe a life.  Pretty tangible result, don’t you think?

Anybody hear me out there enough to help do something?   Contact any organization you know going to Washington next month and show them this article………what do they think? A diabetes organization that will be on The Hill anyway; will they add to their agenda an idea that practitioners and pediatricians will add a simple glucose blood test to save one life so no one is ever again diagnosed at death?

Contact someone because if we don’t speak for those who cannot; someone else will be added to the list.

I am a diabetes dad

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