Your Endocrinologist, or Ped Endo (as we say); Are You Happy?? Kindly Chime in Today…..You Could Help Others.

pediatric endoAt the risk of being targeted by many of the pediatric endocrinologists out there, I had an interesting inquiry over the weekend and I thought it best to throw it our there for discussion and comments.

The person asked, “How did you pick your child’s endocrinologist?”

Now truth be known, when Kaitlyn was diagnosed and we rushed to the emergency room; we ended up staying with that endocrinologist and his practice almost the entire time until she was an adult.  When Rob was diagnosed, we were comfortable where we were.

That said, the practice always stayed with new and modern technologies.  When something new came out, it was not long before the practice was in touch with the devices and how they worked.  In some cases not as fast as others perhaps, not THAT long behind.

I think it comes down to asking a lot of questions and being educated yourself.  We were fairly versed on this new device called the insulin pump and how it worked in the 1990s.  Not many children had it yet and when we initially asked, it was a wait-a-bit attitude at first.   If I had looked around and there were many children the same age as Kaitlyn (or younger) wearing an insulin pump, I would approached it much differently than we did back when.  Truth is; it was just catching on.  But we did push and we did get it.

My point is that do not be afraid to ask what you think your child needs.  Here, we have been very fortunate.  We are part of a huge practice that somehow finds the time to see us four times a year; and I mean the principles in the practice.  Others have fewer or no choices and I know that.  Some people will drive hours four times a year to get to a practice they feel comfortable dealing with their child’s diabetes.

Sometimes, in the beginning we have no choice; we are at the pediatric endocrinologist when first diagnosed.  But once stable, start making sure you are getting what you need.  If you are happy….stay.  If you are not, look around and talk to others at the nearest practice or at other practices somewhere in your area even if it is a hike to get there.

It is a shame that some must settle for what they have when they are not happy because of proximity; and with others that obstacle is overcome by traveling elsewhere because they are able to do it.  Others cannot because of time, finances, and/or both.

So I ask you; how did you choose your endocrinologist?   Share with others the good, the bad, and how you overcame what ever you overcame to get what you needed.

I am a diabetes dad.

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