Time to Say Good-Bye!!! And Thanks……..

GoodbyeI think back to that day, that September 26th, 1992 day; so very often.

The trip up to Stony Brook Hospital.  The day Kaitlyn was diagnosed.

Perhaps my observation training as an actor, perhaps that observation training as a parent.  The smell of the hospital.  The scenery as you drive up to the hospital at least four times a year always bought me back to that fateful day each and every time.  It probably will never leave my mind.

Recently, it was time for Kaitlyn to leave the pediatric-endo unit at Stony Brook Hospital…..time to find someone who she was comfortable with into adulthood.

I do no know if I ever thanked Dr. Thomas Wilson and his team.  His direct and incredibly patient personality is a key reason we got through the early years.  I will never forget our first meeting after we left the hospital upon diagnosis and how Kaitlyn clung to Jill’s leg while in Dr. Wilson’s office.

She wanted no part of going near him.

As he spoke to us, he began clicking a pen.  He asked if Kaitlyn wanted to see it.  She slowly nodded in the affirmative and he showed her the pen.  She slowly warmed up to him and he examined her, and years later, working with many in that practice, it was time to move on.

Of course Rob will still be there and they certainly have our full confidence, but I would be lying if I did not tell you that I became a bit sad.  Realizing that this part of the long roadway ends and yet her roadway continues.

I still remember our first conversation with Dr. Wilson on that day over 20 years ago; he guided us through a storm and we came out the other side.  And now Kaitlyn will continue. 

So, for Kaitlyn at least, we say good-bye to this wonderful team.

There is nothing, NOTHING, like having a great practice as team leaders in the world of our diabetes, is there?  Do you love your team?  Let us know.  Dr. Wilson and his team at Stony Brook have proved to us since September 26th 1992, that they’re one of the best out there.

For that, we thank all of them.

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