Invasion of the Test Strips…………RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty Test StripOh my gosh.  They are everywhere.  You cannot get away.  You cannot hide.  Just when you think that you have completed the task and there are no more to be found, they come back to haunt you.

You may run; you may try to distract; you may even hide your eyes; and you may clean the house from top to bottom……..4 times.  But they still find a way to creep up and show themselves.

They are……The Test Strips.

I recently could not believe that one of my dogs was running around the house with the strip attached to him like a tick.  He tried to shake it off-but it would not let go, no matter how hard he tried.  He was very grateful when I ended her suffering and took it off her.

I think the most interesting place I have ever found a used one is in my refrigerator, which was a while ago, but I remember saying to myself, “Now how the heck did that end up in here.”

Missed garbage pails, all over their bedroom, by the drain in the tub, in the drawers, in the wash, in the car, and even on the dog; these test strips have made their way into strange places.

But to be honest, for the over 50,000 times (that’s correct-50,000 times) the two of them have checked their blood glucose numbers (and surely Kaitlyn has the vast majority of these) I am grateful every time I find/see one because I know what they are for and glad they are doing what is needed.

Where have you found a test strip?

Until we find that cure, I’ll take finding one over not seeing one; any day of the week.

I am a diabetes dad.

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7 replies on “Invasion of the Test Strips…………RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My non-D, now 2-year old ate one when he was about a year old. I found it among the…Er…mess while changing his diaper. Eww!!!

Hi, only this week I found one inside my sock at work….I would have thought it almost possible to get in there but something was rubbing my foot, took shoe and sock off and there it was!

I loved this story!

The funniest places we ever found a strip was 1. Baked into a casserole (whoopsie – let’s just throw that away and no-one will be the wiser) and 2. While rebuilding the carburetor on my truck, my husband found one firmly affixed inside a part.

I do love it when my plume tailed Border Collie prances around the house with her tail /broom raised and has a test strip stuck to it.

I always joke that I will never lose my daughter. If I can’t find her, I’ll just follow the trail of used test strips! I think they multiply after use!

My first few weeks with diabetes, I found them around the house even though I tried to put them in the garbage. I decided to treat them like lancets, and keep them somewhere secure until they can get into my sharps container. Since I started that, I never find them out of place.

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