What do you Choose?

Kim PictureHow hard can it be to have diabetes?  Well for the person who lives with it, and many will tell you, they ‘just do’.  They do not think about it, although they never stop thinking about it.  I remember my daughter’s line when asked about her diabetes when a news team was doing story about her when she first went on the pump.

“I have diabetes, diabetes is not who I am.”

Is diabetes who you are?  Does diabetes define everything about what you do during the day.  Do you live with DIABETES or do you LIVE with diabetes.

Kim has a daughter, Emily; and if I have ever met a family that chooses to face adversity by spitting in the eye of the fates; it is these two women.  They have a whole list of things that I could list here that would make a family buckle at the knees.  But we all have things like that in our lives, don’t we?

You can stay inside or look out your window and see what is waiting for you.  But it’s up to you.

This family is always looking toward what life has to offer, and reaching for it.  Every day.  The picture I utilized  today was taken by them.  They decided one year that they would take a picture everyday….of life.  And they choose to live it even though life has been unkind, but you have to know them to know that; otherwise you are astounded on how much fun they are having each day. 

Life.  What ever you are facing today; take the time to look around you.  See the sunshine, hear the kids voices, listen to all of life’s music because, quite honestly, if and when some of it gets taken away; you will wish with all of your heart to experience all of which was lost, even one last time.

Let Kim and Emily be a lesson for all of us; life is not about the adversity in our lives, it is about every now and again stopping in the middle of the day and turning once around slowly to just look and see all that is good around us.

Our lives are not about diabetes, or illness, or adversity; those are things we must deal with when they hit.  Life is about looking around which we need to do everyday; even just once.

I am a diabetes dad.

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