Diabetes Deleted?……Surprising Answers Should it Happen……Share Your Thoughts?

deleteIt’s deleted.

For so many the thought of not having diabetes is about as surreal a feeling as one could ever imagine.  As I spoke to many people who had diabetes, I was surprised at the responses.  Don’t get me wrong, every one of them stated that they long for a cure but the thought of one day waking up without diabetes is something they do not allow themselves to dwell on too long.

From people with diabetes:
“It has been around so long, I am un sure what I’d feel.  But I certainly would eat a piece of chocolate cake every morning for a week.”

“It’s love/hate.  Of course I don’t want it, but it has forced me to become the person I am; I cannot deny that.”

“I have accepted this and know what I have to deal with, and I do it.  I have a friend who died in a car accident when we were in our late teens.  He had no choices, I have choices.”

From a parent:
“The weight of the world would be off my shoulders.”

This was just a small sampling I picked up in conversations, so today I ask you; share if you are a person with diabetes or a caretaker of someone with diabetes; what your life would be like when one day diabetes is defeated forever?   Please respond on this blog so all can see and not merely on the FB page where you saw the link.

What would your world be if tomorrow, there was no diabetes in it?

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15 replies on “Diabetes Deleted?……Surprising Answers Should it Happen……Share Your Thoughts?”

I am not sure how I would feel to wake up one day and not have to follow a regimen. As my life is now, I wake up everyday at the same time, try to eat meals at the same time, as it is extremely important to take your insulin at the same time everyday. It would be an odd feeling to sleep in and not worry about testing blood sugars, knowing I need to walk everyday for at least 30 minutes or more. It would be weird not to have extremely dry skin, or to worry about infections and possible amputations. I have forgotten what it is like to be “free”, unencumbered. Traveling has become such a job, I can’t just throw clothes in a bag and sashay out the door, I have to figure out how many bottles of insulin I have to take, how to chill them, and then count syringes…so for me diabetes free is just a dream, but it has also made me the person I have become, and I like who I am, even with the round belly and extra weight, I really like who I have become I just wish I had become this person without the diabetes.

No diabetes, a world free of wondering all day long how my daughter is feeling, what her numbers are like, if she or the school nurse are doing all that they need to be doing. A world where an alarm clock (or actually my own body now) wakes me in the wee hours of the night to check on her, where I don’t hold my breath each morning as I go to wake her and always first put my hand on her to feel the heat of her body and the rising and falling of her chest. A world where her brother and sister would be free to leave her side when they are playing outside. A world where she wouldn’t have to cry because she wants the cupcake but the idea of pricking her finger an extra time and taking that insulin just isn’t worth it so she watches as her friends partake and she holds hers for a dessert with her next meal. A world where we didn’t go to the doctor every three months and spend a couple of hours meeting with dietitians and CDEs and looking at numbers. A world where I didn’t have to deal with insurance and pharmacies telling me I am not covered and paying the expenses of ensuring my daughter survives today. A world that we had just two years ago………what would that be like? I don’t remember life before it and I no longer think of it – but we (my family and friends) all fight for it – each and every day – a world free of diabetes. We hope for DELETE some day and maybe then much like we don’t remember our life before diabetes we won’t remember what it was like to have diabetes in our lives.

The high that our family would feel in telling our daughter that she no longer has Diabetes would be higher than anything else that I have ever experienced. Most people (not living with a chronic disease) often wonder how it would feel to win the lottery and not have to work another day in their life. The feeling felt in learning that T1D is gone would be a million times better than winning such a lottery.

My son not only has diabetes but he has autism and epilepsy as well. He is VERY well cared for at school because if the diabetes. They are not so great at caring for the epilepsy and ignore the autism all together. I have to wonder what kind of care he would get at school with diabetes removed from the picture. As much as I dislike diabetes I know it is actually benefiting him in to have the school nurse check on him multiple times a day.

I never considered before what my life would be like. It would be different certainly. I could devote myself to my art work, finish fixing up my home, travel farther from home than an hour. Mostly, I think I would celebrate. Not just for my son and all others with type 1 being cured, but for all I learned, all the fabulous people on and off line that I have met, all of the positive experiences we have had while on this diabetes journey. Much good has come with this bad.

I imagine my son’s life would be very much the same as it is now – school, sports, trips to Disney, etc, though I am sure he would love to do all of that that without a needle planted somewhere in his body. As Mike said above, for my husband and me it would be better than winning the lottery! No more getting up several times per night, no more packing glucose/glucagon for baseball games, no more going to the school to give insulin, no more packing the ENTIRE house to go on those Disney trips…and no more praying every night that my son will wake up the next morning. Where’s that delete button?

I loved reading your post—-Remember kids with diabetes are still kids as they say athe CWD FFL conferences. Your last line pierced my heart….it is a fear I live with (x2) daily.

It has only been four short months for us, my two year old was diagnosed almost 24 hours after she started having accidents and requesting massive amounts of water so we were so very fortunate to have caught it so soon. It’s still pretty new to us I would love for one day to not worry about her numbers I would love to not see a huge sharps container in her room filled with hundreds of syringes. I would for one day to go out without a snack and grab lunch at anytime these are the small things because I’m still grieving our old life I can’t even process the fear we live in on a daily basis. I guess I hate Diabetes but I love my little girl with all my heart and this is our new normal

Not having to check a Bgl and take 2 shots every day before breakfast. Don’t get me wrong I take a total of 6 shots daily with Bgl checks 4 times daily. I kind of like being a pin cushion. Saving money not having to buy insulin, needles, lancets, alcohol preps, testing strips and not seeing Doctor 2 times a year. Not having to count my carbohydrates ,figure out the ratio, take the insulin. Wow a difficult decision.

I barely remember my world before D entered my life. I was only 5, and it was 38 years ago. Sure I’d love to wake up and have it be gone. But more than anything in the world, I want my daughter to wake up every morning, and for one morning for HER to no longer have this cursed disease. She’s not even 5, and has been fighting for 3 years.
She doesn’t complain, or fuss. If she’s happy now, imagine her life without D? How happy would she be without 4 shots a day? Yes, a weight would be lifted.

I don’t know how my 21-year-old daughter Steph who’s had diabetes for 15+ years would feel but I do know that I would be much less of a worrier! I do not mean to imply that I wouldn’t have any other worries but the biggest fear I have would be gone that indeed is what deleting D would mean to me. The party us D friends would have – imagine the Pig Roast at the Ottens without having to raise money to cure diabetes – just all of us hugging and celebrating a cure??? Sure like thinking about that Tom!!!!!

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