Diabetes Deleted?……Surprising Answers Should it Happen……Share Your Thoughts?

deleteIt’s deleted.

For so many the thought of not having diabetes is about as surreal a feeling as one could ever imagine.  As I spoke to many people who had diabetes, I was surprised at the responses.  Don’t get me wrong, every one of them stated that they long for a cure but the thought of one day waking up without diabetes is something they do not allow themselves to dwell on too long.

From people with diabetes:
“It has been around so long, I am un sure what I’d feel.  But I certainly would eat a piece of chocolate cake every morning for a week.”

“It’s love/hate.  Of course I don’t want it, but it has forced me to become the person I am; I cannot deny that.”

“I have accepted this and know what I have to deal with, and I do it.  I have a friend who died in a car accident when we were in our late teens.  He had no choices, I have choices.”

From a parent:
“The weight of the world would be off my shoulders.”

This was just a small sampling I picked up in conversations, so today I ask you; share if you are a person with diabetes or a caretaker of someone with diabetes; what your life would be like when one day diabetes is defeated forever?   Please respond on this blog so all can see and not merely on the FB page where you saw the link.

What would your world be if tomorrow, there was no diabetes in it?

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