It’s just a Wedding Gown…….Right?????………Sooooooo Nooooooo.

The WallAnnie is being revived again on Broadway.  That may be exciting to some but for me; well it is the second revival.  Three times on Broadway in my lifetime….where does the time go?

My soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Joelle, came by last night, with my daughter.  She found her wedding gown.  Now you may not know this, but when a woman finds the wedding gown that she ‘knows is hers’—-it is a big deal.  Like I knew?

Hearing them all scream with excitement was music to my ears.  Not too sure what all the excitement was about; when you’re beautiful I figure any gown will work.  Joelle is beautiful. 

She is beautiful for a whole list of reasons but the biggest one is that she completes TJ.  Together they make up the perfect pair of TJ and Joelle; and that makes me ecstatic.  Kids getting ready with a whole bunch of wedding plans.  Kids getting ready for a whole life together.

But they are not kids; are they?  
It is a fabulous stage in one’s life when you can look at your children one-by-one and realize how lucky you are.  I am more than lucky.  I do not know what the word is, but it is way beyond lucky.

As I heard everyone’s excitement last night that ‘the gown’ was found, I happened to look up at ‘the wall’.  You have one.  Everyone has one.  The wall that shows our kids growing up in pictures.  The wall that we sometimes long for once again.  Because they grow up so quickly.  They do not stay kids forever.

A lot has happened in our lives.  Life.  Perhaps a bit more challenging than others and perhaps not as challenging of others still.  Just life.

But last night there were screams of delight.  ‘THE’ wedding gown was found.  And soon another picture will be available to add to ‘the wall’, the one where we add another daughter.  And that will be a great day.

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It is an exciting & wonderful time in life, enjoy it. Our wall has expanded to include a son-in-law and two grandchildren in the last three years. Grandchildren, WOW, what an experiance.

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