Extra ExtraI share my headline with you because of what I saw today.  I saw this on a news release today:

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013 01:19 PM

The artificial pancreas — a treatment that’s been called the closest thing to a possible cure for type 1 diabetes…..


There has been a ton lately…..a ton….of releases and stories about the artificial pancreas being the cure in the past few weeks; as groups jockey to show us who the leader is in this development for whatever the reason they deem necessary.

Be careful…….BE VERY CAREFUL.

The headline I posted was the headline of The Toronto Daily Star on March 22, 1922 when insulin was discovered.  It was a FABULOUS discovery; do you think it is a cure?

BE CAREFUL as the reader and be careful as one who post such ‘advancements’.  There are quite a few who are taunting us with promises lately……….yet again………be very careful.

We won’t be so fooled so easily this time.  We all want it; but be careful what YOU THINK YOU ARE CALLING A CURE.

’nuff said.

Artificial Pancreas??????  It would be a fabulous discovery, do you think it is a cure?  Let us know and post a reply?

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A cure? Not at all. With all the work it requires: changing infusion sites, replacing sensors, purchasing an endless supply of insulin, dealing with adhesive-related skin rashes, getting patted-down suspiciously at the airport, it is in no way a cure. It doesn’t even come close.

That being said, it’s an improvement over what we’ve got today.

It is not and will never be – the DRI will find the biological cure. I just attended an event tonight for the DRI and I was hoping you would be there to finally meat you, another time but I was very inspired and will share the package that was given to me with everyone here in facebook that do not realize who the DRI is and what they are doing. No one in the United States has done what the DRI has…..

I had the same reaction when I read the article someone posted from webmd. What if the artificial pancreas stops working on one of our kids for some reason??? What if my kid disconnects it????

Not a cure it is only another way of treating the disease. It is just like someone pointed out to me when I said I knew T2’s that had cured their diabetes by diet and exercise, and they pointed out that they will always be diabetic. If they stop the diet and exercise then they will go back to needing to take medicine to control it. The diet and exercise is just another way of treating their disease. The artificial pancreas is the same thing, it is just another way to treat the disease. JMO

I won’t consider it a cure until we can throw out pumps, meters, CGMs, etc. Personally (and I may change my mind), I do not want my child to have to carry around a computer/iPad/smart phone to keep his BGs regulated. The pump and CGM are already too much. Right now, I am just not interested in a full blown artificial pancreas (I am looking forward to the low-glucose suspend, though!). I am extremely interested in the implantation and encapsulation of beta cells, as that looks more like a cure…

It’s an advancement in treatment, but it’s not a cure. For me a cure has to be the restoration of my body’s ability to make insulin in response to BG level.

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