When it Happens…..Is There Anyone Who Can Help?

blue candleCould anyone imagine a loss so huge?  I cannot.  Being part of this community we see it too often, don’t we?

Even once, is too much.

Is it happening more often or is it the fact that we are electronically connected that we find out about it……..sometimes instantaneously it seems?

One of the most incredible women I know is Michelle Page Alswager.  I have discussed her heroic action many times.  The loss of her beloved son has made her an expert in a category that no one should ever be asked to particpate…….ever. 

Being Michelle, she has incredibly reached out to those who have been in this horrific tragedy because she knows.   She knows all too well.  And yet, selflessly, she reaches out.

As we move forward I want you to know that should you hear that someone is in need, there is a group that can help (if any help would do).  There is a group of parents who have all had this most incredibly painful sacrifice who support others as only they can understand.

Should you hear of anyone in the process of dealing with this tragedy, please reach out to me and I will do all I can to connect them with Michelle or someone from this group.  I will not contact them myself.  And if any others who read this post want to volunteer to be contacted directly, they will let us know but I did not want to volunteer them.

I’m always amazed how connected this diabetes community is worldwide and how people take their experiences to help others…… matter the personal cost.

This was not an easy column to write; but I KNOW this most incredible, select group of people; who have made themselves available for the worst possible moment in time.  Being part of this community, you should know also.

May no one ever have to reach out to them; but they are there.  They absolutely never wanted to be there either; and God Bless each and every one of them for opening up to their experiences and opening up their hearts as the rest of us never could. 

Any words I could say to this group would only sound like rhetoric, but thank you for being there for those who only you can understand; you all humble us to our knees.

I am a diabetes dad.

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