Twenty Years Later…….It Is Still Sooooooo Unfair……Don’t You Agree??????

UPS DeliveryA new bicycle.  A new doll.  A new school.  A new car.  Something new.  How much we all like when we receive something we want.  Gift wrapped perhaps.  A UPS delivery perhaps.

We received something new this week.  Something ordered.  Something to look forward to…….right? 

Kaitlyn’s new Dexcom arrived.  Make no mistake about it; it is a fabulous piece of machinery.  It will help her tremendously.  Something to get excited about.

But ‘the dad thing’ kicked in and big time.

Am I the only one who feels, when these events occur, how unfair that THIS is something we have to get excited about?  I surely would much rather we all be excited about a non-diabetes deliver…… still, twenty years later since she was diagnosed, is so unfair.


I am a diabetes dad.

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4 replies on “Twenty Years Later…….It Is Still Sooooooo Unfair……Don’t You Agree??????”

I know what you mean. But it is such a sigh of relief when Chris’s pump supplies and Dex Sensors come. I used to order his Insulin to be delivered and even though I know it’s safe for the most part to come – I feel better picking up the Insulin from the Pharmacy. This year for the first time ever our Insurance picks up the Ketone strips. Only D parents can understand…

Surely we are grateful for all of the wonderful management tools…….still would like to return to the days of only gifts, good books, and an a ‘Fingerhut’ delivery.

It really is a mix of emotions, isn’t it? My son’s insulin pump was delivered this past Monday, and we were so excited. It was like Christmas for him. But the mommy side of me was mentally screaming, “Why??? Why do our babies have to have these devices in the first place?!” Sigh. But we soldier on….

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