Do Not Let the “FIRSTS” Be Diminished by Diabetes.

first haircutI went to get a haircut this week.  As I sat and waited for Peter, my barber, there was a father and young man getting what was clearly is first haircut.  The barber, ever the master, was clearly not giving his first ‘first’ haircut.  The mom was snapping away as the boy sat in his father’s lap making every face possible from a grimace of pain to giggling from the shaver’s ‘tickle’.

Firsts.  There are so many in our lives, aren’t there?  We talk so often of the many ‘firsts’ in diabetes, don’t we?  As the new normal entered our lives we had to deal with the first of everything; shots, day at school, party, holiday, relative gatherings, stupid comments, doctor’s office, meal, bolus, checking blood sugars, through-the-night-risings, and so much more.

The ‘firsts’ became routine and we settled in.  The routine became as much a part of our lives as anything new.  Like getting a haircut.  A million times I have come and gone and never gave a thought as to ‘the first’ one in a very long time.

We become so involved with the management of diabetes, have we let the other ‘firsts’ in our lives get by us?  Have we so focused on the diabetes aspects that we have not enjoyed the many first our children have that are so happy and enjoyable both for our children with diabetes and those without?

Do we still stop and notice the first bike ride,  the first date, the first friends, the first of so many firsts?   Do not let diabetes take that enjoyment away from you.   Know when something is happening that will never be ‘a first’ again. 

Stop and enjoy the moment no matter what it is and the diabetes will wait an extra few minutes; take the time to enjoy the moment you are in.  Like my little friend who was getting his first haircut, you might even find time to giggle again.

Happy Easter to all.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Thank you so much for the reminder. I have been so consumed over this past year since my son’s diagnosis, that your right, we need to stop and enjoy the “firsts”. My son is only 10, so we have alot of “firsts” to go yet. Thank you for the reminder. My son will only be 10 once, then he will be 11, and he will only be 11 once! Happy Easter…

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