An Injustice (well….in a fun kinda way). :)

BasketI observed a huge injustice recently that I would like to bring to your attention.  This, the Easter Holiday among those who believe, leaves me under the absolute belief that the chicken does all the work this holiday season and the bunny gets all the credit.

There are eggs everywhere; dyed, chocolate, marshmallow….the egg is the center of the Easter Universe when it comes to treats and yet it is the chocolate idolatry of a rabbit that sits and adorns the basket come Easter Morning.  Why?  It’s unfair.

The biggest marshmallow treats of the season is called PEEPS (which, every year, also makes me think of my good friends John and Nicole—GIANTS in this diabetes battle), a sound made by a baby chick.  One report states that 700 million of these are sold at this time of the year.  PEEPS……not some nose-itching name that only a bunny could provide; PEEPS; after a baby chicken.

SO I think the chicken lovers of the world (hellllllo Purdue Family) should stand up and let the world know……….Bunnies at Easter–overrated; it is the chicken that carries all the weight.

And for your information 5 PEEPS (as in a chicken peep and not a rabbit peep because rabbits don’t make a peep, although there are rabbit PEEPS which is a complete distortion of everything; but I’ll save that story for another time) total 36g of carbohydrates and 34g of sugar according to their packaging.

Now if you do not give a hop about all of this than enjoy the holiday for what it means.  To us as Christians, it is the representation of the time when eternal death was beaten forever when Jesus rose from the dead.  Anyone could have died but it was the rising from the dead the beat eternal death once and for all for all who believe.

Spring showing new life, just as that special Easter morning, is a time for renewal and growth for new things in life.  Let us remember during this time that our drive for what is right in this diabetes world of ours far, AND I MEAN FAR, outweigh the differences.

Let’s remember that this spring.

And when we come out in unison for what we believe; the world hears a lot more than just a ‘PEEP’ out of our collective voices.

Happy Easter to you and yours.

I am a diabetes dad.  

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