This Is Absolutely Hysterical……A Real OOPS on Ad Placement.

SYlvan Student adSomeone posted this video.  It is a student working an absolute tirade over the teacher on how to teach.   The video is actually a little bothersome, to me, because of the total disrespect but I do not know all sides of the story here.

What was very intriguing to me was the placement of the advertisement over the video.  I do not know if you will see the same advertisement when/if you watch it but it surely struck me as a really “OOPS” on ad placement.

Here is the full video link:

What do you think? 

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4 replies on “This Is Absolutely Hysterical……A Real OOPS on Ad Placement.”

The ad that popped up when I watched it was for Plain White T’s song “Should’ve Gone to Bed”. =)

That was really interesting. I guess I can kind of see his point that you can’t just give a kid a packet and expect him/her to learn. And like you, the disrespect bothered me. If that was my kid I would be appalled! It would be nice to know the whole story. One thing about it, the kid is pretty passionate about his feelings!

I did think of creating the article without the video but I felt, in fair disclosure, I had to include it. I thought I explained it enough that my picture whould be enough for those who did not want to view the video.
I also took into account that the minuscule numbers of hits from my article would not be impactful one way or the other……my article IS about the placement of the ad; not the video.
Interesting point, however, the comments (Both posted where the video is shown and privately to me) in favor of the young man far outweigh the opposing view point—-just an FYI.
Thank for writing and I totally understand your point.

This is from Dallas, where I live, and is receiving a lot of media coverage here. My personal take on the content of the video is that 1) he has an incredibly valid point, but 2) he needs to learn how to properly address his issues. Fair point, just badly made.

As for the ad placement – priceless!

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