A Day of Memory

Flags at CalvertonSo summer is about to begin.  Not as a date but surely as a mindset.  Here we go, right?

I remember Memorial Day weekend when I was at Our Lady of Loretto Grammar School in Hempstead NY; which is on Long Island.  I can actually picture myself looking at the great big windows we had in the building and looking outside on the Friday before Memorial Day, smelling that sunny air, and saying to myself, “….here we go….”?

Did I ever think that I would be fortunate enough to have three kids someday and my youngest looking out a window in a different, high school, probably saying to himself; 20-some-odd more days until graduation.

Ah it is the start of summer.

Those summer days indeed turned into summer nights.

I also remember Memorial Day Weekend when we would take our two sons, and our daughter to place flags at the Nation’s largest military cemetery in the located right here on Long Island; Calverton.  Every grave was issued a flag.

I know, I write about diabetes.  Diabetes is in life; life is in diabetes.  But let’s not forget this holiday’s meaning.  You may find fault where you want to look, but someone died giving us the right to enjoy this weekend being free.  And that’s something significant.  Remember that this weekend.

And enjoy the start to summer.

I am a diabetes dad.

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