Summer. A Choice That is All Yours? What Choice Will You Make?????

Beach ChairsWell……..Memorial Day Weekend is behind us and that means it’s time for summer.  There is something about summer, isn’t there?  Walks on the beaches with friends, jumping into pools with your clothes on,  b-b-q’s, picnics, baseball games, pools, beaches, fishing, kickball games, amusement parks, fun-fun-fun in the summer sun.

I remember my summers growing up.  Every summer, it seems, there was something to do that have long since became fond memories.  I was a Newsday (our newspaper) delivery boy who meant at some point during the day; I would have to stop whatever I was doing and delivery my newspapers.

My friends would sometimes come with me, and I’m sure they got annoyed at some point about that aspect, but I always had money in my pocket.  I rarely ever asked my parents for money.  Money is important to have when a kid is faced with summer fun.  Newsday always had contests to Palisades Amusement Park, Mets/Yankee Games, and other trips that I would always win.  My friends would come to some fo those also.

I also had that ‘magical summer’ as I was older where I performed in ‘Summer Stock’ Theatre in Salem New Hampshire.  A life-highlight that I will never forget with a group of people who changed my life forever.  I had fabulous roles that summer and it was here where I realized just how much I truly loved the stage.

And once we had kids, our summers all changed.  All for the good but watching them grow was always amazing and became more important than other things.  Different and so rewarding because these are our kids…..and they are just so amazing, aren’t they?

Weeks and weekends at our summer home, neighborhood gatherings, kids getting taller, our kids’ first jobs, dates, and car all enjoyed throughout the summers.  To me it always felt that the three months of Summer contained more than the other nine combined.  Summer is just a wonderful time of the year.

When diabetes entered our household it also added another GREAT part of Summer and that was our trips to the Children With Diabetes Friends for Life Conferences which happens each July.  The memories and the knowledge we gained was monumental.

Summer is just a great time; and those of you who have diabetes in your household, well you have a choice.  Summer has remained, for us, just a wonderful time of the year.  You can go out there everyday and realize how much your life sucks with diabetes; and you can let the world know just how horrendous your life is with everything that must get done.
And. It. Does. Suck.


You can choose to MAKE SURE you live life to the fullest and let your kids do the same.  Do NOT LET DIABETES win this summer; take some small step to get back to the wonderful feelings and events that summer offers.

PLEASE share with us all WHAT YOU WILL DO this Summer that will be FABULOUS….let others know how diabetes will not stop you and your family, whatever it will be—-please let us know; we want to know.

Maybe even jump in the pool with your clothes on.

I am a diabetes dad.

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We will be having dance camp, swim lessons, Girl Scout camp, diabetes camp just for my T1, and we will be traveling as a family to Orlando the same week as the CWD event to cheer my T1 on in her national dance championship. She has been dancing less time than she has had diabetes, and this year, she gets to compete at nationals. She is so excited!

We are going to Alaska on a cruise. We got a great deal and bought it, then I realized ” how are we going to get thru the flight, the cruise, Alaskan excursions with a 6 yo diabetes?, I started panicking and wanted to even cancel, but after thinking it over, it is doable and we will not let diabetes to rule our life” The endo said we can even go to Himalayans if we wanted to, so we are starting with Alaska, lol, to hell with diabetes, life is too short!

I sent you this via email as well Anna—-thank you for sharing and ENJOY!!!!

If you have not flown before—-take something that resembles a TSA wand—-do role playing a few times before you leave. Do not tell your kids it is a game….but do what a TSA officer might do a few times before you travel. Do not make it ‘a new thing’ for your kids to experience while on the actual line to go through security. After you do it a few times….do it and make a buzzing sound.

Kids react to something new—make it like everyday items and you will breeze right through. Something we learned a long time ago.

Enjoy your trip

My DD will be attending acting camp and at least one volleyball camp. Also spending lots of time swimming, boating, and hanging out with friends. I try not to schedule too much…summer goes by too quickly! Kids need time to just hang out as well!

My family and Won’t make it to FFL in large part to a lack of vacation time. I have to use a few days to go to ADA in Chicago. We will be at FFL next year and every year to follow. Poor planning on my part. However, we will be making a lot of trips to Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Maybe Lake Superior. A weekend is in the works for Travers City and maybe some boating there. Camping another weekend with just me and my non-d. Fishing and more fishing. We have a full summer of fun and we will manage with diabetes being there. Sorry ill miss you and many more friends at FFL.

With my self being the one with T1 for over 25years in our family and having just started on the pump one year ago next month, I am excited to run my fist 5k race in less than 2 weeks, followed by a 10k in July, 15k in August, and I hope to end my summer with a 1/2 marathon in September. Something I never thought I would ever be able to do. But I will.

I will be riding 20 miles in the ADA (american diabetes assoc) Tour de Cure in June, and possibly buying my first home.. we’ll see! Always have kept a positive life 🙂

We will be attending the Friends for Life conference in July. This will be our first conference!! We are very excited. We are planning what sessions to attend. Our son was diagnosed a little over two years ago and we are looking forward to meeting and connecting with other T1D families. We are also sending our son to Camp Joslin for two weeks. First time he will be away from home!! He’s is 11. Aside from that spending time with family, my kids are expecting their 2nd baby cousin.

my 9 year old daughter will be going to diabetes camp overnight for a week. it will be her first time there so im a little nervous but know she will like it. a week later going to the jersey sore for 3 nights and a week in vermony in august. we never let diabetes get in the way

We will be b spending time swimming and visitin our local amusement park. My son wis twelve and was diagnosed almost three years ago.

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