Summer. A Choice That is All Yours? What Choice Will You Make?????

Beach ChairsWell……..Memorial Day Weekend is behind us and that means it’s time for summer.  There is something about summer, isn’t there?  Walks on the beaches with friends, jumping into pools with your clothes on,  b-b-q’s, picnics, baseball games, pools, beaches, fishing, kickball games, amusement parks, fun-fun-fun in the summer sun.

I remember my summers growing up.  Every summer, it seems, there was something to do that have long since became fond memories.  I was a Newsday (our newspaper) delivery boy who meant at some point during the day; I would have to stop whatever I was doing and delivery my newspapers.

My friends would sometimes come with me, and I’m sure they got annoyed at some point about that aspect, but I always had money in my pocket.  I rarely ever asked my parents for money.  Money is important to have when a kid is faced with summer fun.  Newsday always had contests to Palisades Amusement Park, Mets/Yankee Games, and other trips that I would always win.  My friends would come to some fo those also.

I also had that ‘magical summer’ as I was older where I performed in ‘Summer Stock’ Theatre in Salem New Hampshire.  A life-highlight that I will never forget with a group of people who changed my life forever.  I had fabulous roles that summer and it was here where I realized just how much I truly loved the stage.

And once we had kids, our summers all changed.  All for the good but watching them grow was always amazing and became more important than other things.  Different and so rewarding because these are our kids…..and they are just so amazing, aren’t they?

Weeks and weekends at our summer home, neighborhood gatherings, kids getting taller, our kids’ first jobs, dates, and car all enjoyed throughout the summers.  To me it always felt that the three months of Summer contained more than the other nine combined.  Summer is just a wonderful time of the year.

When diabetes entered our household it also added another GREAT part of Summer and that was our trips to the Children With Diabetes Friends for Life Conferences which happens each July.  The memories and the knowledge we gained was monumental.

Summer is just a great time; and those of you who have diabetes in your household, well you have a choice.  Summer has remained, for us, just a wonderful time of the year.  You can go out there everyday and realize how much your life sucks with diabetes; and you can let the world know just how horrendous your life is with everything that must get done.
And. It. Does. Suck.


You can choose to MAKE SURE you live life to the fullest and let your kids do the same.  Do NOT LET DIABETES win this summer; take some small step to get back to the wonderful feelings and events that summer offers.

PLEASE share with us all WHAT YOU WILL DO this Summer that will be FABULOUS….let others know how diabetes will not stop you and your family, whatever it will be—-please let us know; we want to know.

Maybe even jump in the pool with your clothes on.

I am a diabetes dad.

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