MEDIA SOURCES: Diabetes is a Burden……REALLY?????

burdenI always get a kick when reading a press release about how diabetes is a burden.

We have all read it somewhere and at some time or another.  You know; a burden on the health system, a burden on the national budget, a burden which drug companies are addressing.

I picture some man or woman, in a suit, writing this memorandum.  I have decided that this week we will declare diabetes……..a burden.”

A burden…….seriously?

No one knows more, outside those who live with it daily, how much of a burden diabetes is more than a parent.  It is why I have stated a thousands times how much I believe parents are such heroes in this battle.

Working a job, two jobs as a family, a single parent or whatever it takes to keep everything above water is hard enough.  Adding diabetes, or any chronic disease for that matter, is a game-changer.

I love the saying “Sometimes we cross a bridge that we did not know we crossed until we crossed it.”  Take a look back at your last week, month, year, or many years from when you started with this ‘new normal’.  We were a wreck; life would never work again, the tears, the pain, the anger.  Now look back, oh sure tears and anger still remain but a new word enters our lives.  Resolve.

Resolve not to give in to diabetes, resolve to move forward, resolve to make sure our children are given normal lives again as much as possible, resolve to make sure diabetes will just not win.

Amazing the things that get done….that YOU do….isn’t it?  So take a second, look in the mirror and realize that no one understands the word ‘burden’ more than you.  You take burden and you make it, somehow, work.  Take the time to realize how much you do every day.

It’s not really a burden is it…….it is life……and we’ll deal with it just fine.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Earlier this morning, I was commenting on another d-blog and paused a bit before typing the word “burden” to describe diabetes. Is it accurate? Is it fair?

Eventually, I decided that yes, diabetes – with its infusion set changes and insurance hassles and prescription refills – is a burden. There are parts of life with D that are just cumbersome, and new technologies and updated methodologies could make it less so.

But the PEOPLE with diabetes that we care for. Are they a burden? Would their loved ones rather do without them? Absolutely not. We would do everything we can – and more – if that’s what it takes to keep them safe and happy.

My son is 13 and was diagnosed when he was 2 with t1d , am glad I found your site ,even though there’s different meds and terminology than here in uk its still good sharing and hearing other stories . A burden ? My son ? He means everything to me . The condition is a burden id love to smash to pieces !!

Thank you, Tom for your passionate advocacy. There is so much ignorance out there that it can be overwhelming and even depressing. If my daughter with type 1 has heard it once she has heard it 100 times: “well my grandpa has it and he just watches what he eats and tries to exercise.” Most people think it is ok to blame the person with diabetes. The “Burden” is hers to bear and thank you for helping to raise awareness and push for the cure!!!

When I was first diagnosed 29 ½ years ago, I was in tears and my doctor told me that one day, I would look back and laugh at that day. He was right – I can do that now. Some days are a lot more work than others but that is life. I have learned to roll with the punches and I can’t say I would ever call diabetes a burden. I would rather look at the good things that came from diabetes than the negatives. I have met some incredible people in the DOC that I might never have had the chance to get to know if it weren’t for diabetes. That isn’t a burden, it is a blessing!

I have heard twice this week on morning talk shows & once on Dr. Oz that discuss the obesity epidemic and diabetes without bothering to clarify that it’s actually type 2 diabetes! I keep wondering what people are thinking about my daughter with type 1 diabetes who is very athletic, muscular, and definitely not overweight. The uneducated population must think we feed her very unhealthy food at home. Wish media would be more careful on how they state diabetes types on national TV shows. That’s a burden caused by uneducated so-called medical experts and they get paid to give out this information.

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