Swimming in a Circle is NOT ALWAYS Swimming Forward.

fish in a circleI was reading an article by a well-known entertainment agent (I can’t always read diabetes stuff, you know) and he stated that sharks will die if they do not keep swimming.  So the goal in life (in his, the entertainment industry) is to keep moving forward.

I liked the analogy enough not to check its factual truth, so if you know otherwise feel free to chime in. 

Swimming just to swim and swimming to move forward is an interesting concept and not always the same.  The challenge is to move forward and not to just keep repeating the same thing moving in a vicious circle.  We cannot move forward if we keep repeating the same errors over and over again.  And sometimes where that error comes from can surprise us.

Recently I was discussing this point and the person said, “….for me it was a group of people.”  I asked her to expand that point and she shared that she belonged to a group and had been part for so long that she started to realize that she was listening to the people in her group for one reason, longevity.  When she realized that she no longer shared their views, it was time to move on, but it was not easy.

I’m finding this more and more in the political arena but we’ll leave that for now as that is not the point I’m trying to make today.  I asked this person what made her first realize there was a difference and when she said there was a discussion that absolutely opposed what she thought was right for her child’s diabetes; well now she had my full attention.  She had not stated until that time that this had anything to do with diabetes.

I thought for sure I was about to hear differences in organizations and philosophy, because I have seen and heard that story before; it happens.  People usually support with time, resources, and financially who they believe-in and that is fine.  However, She was about to completely blind-side me to something I had not heard of before.

(editor’s note—I made some changes in her explanation because the ‘product’ is not really the point) “The group I belonged to used a certain diabetes product.  When I joined, they were very friendly and since I was using the same product all was fine.  As I continued moving forward in understanding my child’s diabetes care, I learned of a more advanced way of handling different things and I was moving on and made the change.  It was just right for us.  Many had other view points on the matter. Eventually, I left the group.”

As I stated, I made some editorial changes as the story was much longer with details and of course she stated the product.  My point is not THIS specific group, mine is only to ask if we get ourselves into a position that we are more influenced by who we are with than what we feel is the right thing to do. 

If everybody is swimming in one direction, is it wrong to swim in another and what will be the reaction of the others?  Do we care? 

Again, it is always good to keep moving; to keep learning, to constantly look for better ways of doing…..well….everything.  If we are just swimming in a circle over and over again; we may be missing the rest of the entire big blue ocean…….yes?

I had never heard of people being so ‘into a group’ that they would listen to more of that process of opinion than making a decision on their own.  Have you?  What are your thoughts?  Please share.

I am a diabetes dad.

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In answer to your first question my brother who has a Phd. in marine biology states that it is true. Sharks can only breath by moving water across their (something I couldn’t even begin to spell correctly) fins. I am also a group member in a number of different groups. I only post when it is either is so wrong I have to point out the obvious or it is something I have dealt with in my own living with diabetes.

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