Sometimes the “Little” is Not So Little.

Little bigI know a few people who lost their child to diabetes.   I cannot imagine how they go on.  But these few are all reflective of a spirit that is out there that needs to be recognized. 

They are reflective of those who have lost a child and those that have not; they reflect those people who believe that ‘doing nothing’ is unacceptable. 

There are people out there, that are not part of any huge organization, but that by any angle means that they are not ‘doing something’. 

I have talked before that it does not matter what ‘doing something’ is defined by you, it just matters that you just “don’t do nothing”.

These people I am speaking of today have small organizations or events that impact just the community around them.  Their impact is significant in the people they serve. 

I love this story:
A man and a boy are walking along the shore line and the man bends down, picks up a starfish and throws it back into the ocean.  He does this about every 5 minutes as there are hundreds of them along their walk together.
The boy chimes in, “That’s a waste of time. What difference will that make, there are hundreds of starfish.”
The man replied, “Sure makes a difference to the ones I throw back, doesn’t it?”

Now maybe they just educate those in their child’s school; perhaps they run an event that supports a local pediatric center, or perhaps they lecture in their local library about diabetes; whatever they choose to do will surely make a difference to the world around them.

Sometimes there is a need to try to help all of the starfish; sometimes helping only one matters most.

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