NEWS ALERT: If We Do NOT ACT NOW, Your Child’s Diabetes Could Spiral Out of Control

…your child, you, your mother, your father, and any loved one you have with any form of diabetes…..this pertains to you

What if you knew that the accuracy of your child’s glucometer was wrong.  Worse yet, what would you do if you found out after 4 months that the glucometer you were using was wrong?  What if you found out it was off by a lot.  What if you found out too late.

What if the problem led to a serious medical situations for your child.  THIS ISSUE is not to be taken lightly.

I hope I have your attention.

I have heard a million times how much people want to do something. 
“I want to help.”
“I wish I could help.”
“I have so little time to help.”
“How can I help.”

Well, here is an easy one.

This situation impacts anyone who has any form of diabetes and needs to check their blood sugar (which is every form of diabetes).  If this issue goes unresolved, we are heading to a place of meter accuracy that no one wants to be.  No one.

Read the issue and take action.

Read this:

And do this:

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4 replies on “NEWS ALERT: If We Do NOT ACT NOW, Your Child’s Diabetes Could Spiral Out of Control”

The answer I recieved is this:

“The name brand big 4 are fine as far as I know. The some no name are iffy. Ask your physician if unsure.”

I’m sure there is a more detailed answer which I can get for you if you wish—-but in a ‘nutdshell’ this is the answer.

I use a OneTouch and occassionally check the accuracy with the test solution they provide. This is scary stuff. I figured this was effecting Medicaid users more but that is terrible.

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