School’s Open, Drive Carefully Indeed

 School Bus cute kidIn the majority of this country kids have started school.  Hundreds of times I have seen the photo dreaded by every kid holding a sign with the year they are in and the grade they are in…….they’ll survive; and their future spouse will thank us all 20 years or so from now.  The pictures are fabulous.

Today I write to remind you to stop and look in the mirror and realize what you have just done that many others have not.  Today I want you to celebrate……..well……  Because while other parents did the same as you with new supplies, new shoes, new outfits, and figuring out just what room their child is to report; you had to do so much more.

Your ‘Drive Carefully’.\, now that the schools have swung wide open, is so much more than actually boarding a vehicle.  Your ‘drive carefully’ is navigating the waters ahead with diabetes.

You had to figure 504 plans, visit the nurse, visit the principal, figure out what glucose tablets, glucometer, strips, pump supplies, and so much more had to be given to the school nurse.  Months ago you had to get an extra prescription for the extra glucagon and whatever else you needed to be kept at school.

You paced how far it was for the bus, the walk, or the ride so you know each and every day exactly where your child is at ever minute that will tick-off the clock while your child travels to school, and while your child travels home.

You have rearranged your schedule at work and/or home to be able to get done what you normally can not get done and you have to be ready throughout the school year.  You have to hug your child and tell them how proud you are.  You have to smile as you take their picture.  You have to be excited for them every second. 

And when you are alone you cry hysterically as you worry if the nurse really knows what she is doing, will the substitute understand what has to be done, and that YOU are not in control for the hours your child is at school is killing you.  You cry because you feel that YOU have to do all of this and your spouse, partner, and mate does not even understand all you do, you feel alone.  You cry alone.

Does anyone understand?

Yes, many of us do.  And for all that you do, be proud that the result will be another school year of success because you are a supermom, and in some instances; a superdad.  Look in the mirror and know that all you have done is heroic.  It may not seem it.  You may say, ‘not really’, but you would be wrong.  You have done with, in spite of, despite; diabetes.  Because of you this school year started and diabetes did not win. 

And you should be proud.

And because I do believe someone should tell you, I say: ………thank you.  Because what your child becomes in this diabetes world we live in, is because of everything you do.  And they are ready, willing, and able more than they will ever know…….but I know, many of us know, and you know these words better than anyone else on the planet;


I am a diabetes dad.

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Thank you!!! You read my mind yesterday as it crossed my mind how much we all do for the success and safety of the school year. I was thankful that 2 of my sons 9 middle school teachers called and emailed me to ask what they need to know/how to help. And I look forward to the team meeting I arranged for next week. The truth is getting set up and comfortable with each new school year IS A LOT OF WORK, but so worth it in the end. Things just run more smoothly when we take the time to advocate for our kids at school, as well as take the time to review school procedures and responsibilities with our kids. While shopping for school supplies we were in aisle 3 jumping up and down ( ok only I was, my son remained calm) because we found a double bound pencil at the top for pencils one at the bottom for carbs and back up supplies! And the binder even came with a builtin gluestick pouch that we swapped out with glucose tabs vial!! It’s the little things, the feeling of organization, safety and communication that give me a sense of peace! We had great numbers for the first day of 7th grade yesterday, and I am so proud of my son and all of our T1D children. I know the year will be filled with being in range, lows and highs… but I also know I’ve done everything I can to make sure we are all prepared. And it’s the first year since diagnosis that my son said “I don’t think I need to set alarms on my watch, I have art class when I need to check and I won’t forget because I love art and don’t want to miss it for treating lows!”. He is “getting it” :). Lastly, don’t forget the school guidance counsellors…they are great for checking in with teachers and students for number check reminders and just to make sure that your child is feeling comfortable and safe! Lastly, thanks for posting this Tom. It really was so nice to read!

Thank you. Mine is in college and i just got call last night to bring levemir because he is too high when disconnected playing football.

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