Change-it-up-Monday…..What are YOU Gonna Do?????

MondayIt’s Monday…..what are you doing today?

I know that Monday is everyone’s favorite day of the week but it IS the beginning of a new week to make something happen.  Or are you thinking, “here we go again’ with the same ol’ week doing the same ol’ thing?

We cannot change what we are given, but we can change what we do with it.  Let’s make that choice that we will do something different today.  As big or as little as you think necessary; but let’s change it up.

Do not ask your child the second they come in the door “what their number was”, ask them how their day was instead.
When in line for coffee tell the cashier that you are paying for the next person’s coffee also.
When someone does something at work that is ‘cool’, let them know.
Tell your spouse/partner that you appreciate the fact that they do more for your child’s diabetes and how much it means to you.
Call your parents and let them know how much you appreciated them and all they did.
When people think something is funny at the expense of others….do not fuel the fire.

Too much?

Okay; try smiling at a stranger.
Try holding the door for an extra second or two for someone who is “just outside” two steps from the door.
Try not being on a cell phone while paying for someone and look the store associate in the eyes and say thank you.

Let’s call it, “Change-it-up-Monday”.

Because no change is a big change unless it starts as a small change; and those small changes add up.  Let us know what you did differently today.

Welcome to “Change-it-up Monday”.

I am a diabetes dad.

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