No Matter the Occasion; Will the Uninvited Guest Behave?????

Not invitedIt’s a special day.

Will everything fall in order as it should?
Will diabetes behave itself?

Will all the food arrive and be done according to plan?
Will diabetes behave itself?

Will everyone be on time, will anyone have a problem arriving?
Will diabetes behave itself?

Will people have a good time and will everyone say what a great day it was?
Or will diabetes not behave?

Will everything move at lightning speed from start to finish?
Or will diabetes bring it to a screeching halt?

No matter how much control we have, or think we have; no matter how much we prepare; have you ever noticed that although a day of excitement is happening we, as parents, always have that one eye on the one uninvited guest that shows up AT EVERYTHING and we know can cause havoc.  We won’t talk about it to anyone, we will flow with it all.  But make no mistake about it, we will be watching, we are ready, and we will react if necessary.

Will diabetes behave?

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