Why Do the Good Times Need to be a Date Circled??????

Circled dateHow I wish every day was like yesterday.

How I wish all of my friends could have yesterday, every day.

Being so involved in the diabetes world; being so much involved with everything we do every day; once in a while a day comes along like no other.

As many know, our son got married yesterday.


There was just so much good to witness and so many things went so right; it was pure magic.

How I wish we could have that kind of bliss every day but I’m sure if we did; it would not be the exception; it would become the rule.   But is that necessarily not achievable?  To stop and notice how much love that surrounds us and how much laughter and how much music could all happen in a single day; is that not achievable?

Do we have to designate a circled date on a calendar to be a day of absolute joy?  Get ready it is six months away; two months away; a week away; tomorrow; it is here.  I learned something yesterday that made me take a mental note to try to remember and that was all of the love I felt yesterday.  Those people who were in that room were there for one reason; love.

It was special.  It was close to us all.  It was, family.

I’m sure the feeling of what a GREAT TIME we all had will subside over time; but I do hope to remember it now that I have experienced it so fully.  I hope to take it out and ‘look’ at it when I need it.  Life throws many curves at us and we deal with them. 

I say let’s have MANY good times instead of curves.  I’m going to look to have those more often.  Not sure what will make it so good; but if given the choice to fend off curve balls or acknowledge the good times………I say we should go for the good times.

What about you?

I am a diabetes dad.

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That’s why I created a jar I put slips of paper with these moments into…all this year. It’s titled “Optimistic Occurrences and Positive Happenings 2013”. I look into it when I’m having a bad or sad day, add to when I’m having a good day. I love it!

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