The Wedding Day, Oh Yeah………and Diabetes.

Mickey and minnie wedding 2We use the word diabetes with such familiarity, don’t we?  How was your diabetes today, diabetes came to visit, diagnosed with diabetes, ‘no not that one, the one without diabetes’; are all just some of the phrases that have crept into our every day language.

I was all set to tell you about today, which I will, but I became a bit angry at diabetes as I know I need to start off today’s article by stating the child without diabetes.

Today is my son’s wedding day.  It has been a very special time in our house over the last few months as my son prepares to marry his best friend.  They are good together.  They are both First Responders, she in an ambulance company, he in an engine company.  Both as volunteers.  On more than one occasion they have laid it on the line saving others.  There are many that have their backs as well.

They are good for each other.

They love Disney, but of course the Little Mermaid or Tigger do not make them up, they would be nothing less than Minnie and Mickey.

They are good for each other.

Everyone will play a part in today;s story.  They have included everyone in some way or form.  We all have something to do.  We all have a role to play.

There is much more to write but to be quite honest with you; I need to share that with all of the excitement and the fun-stress activity, Jill and I will be watching to make sure Rob or Kaitlyn are not suffering from a hyper- or hypo-reaction on this special day.  Diabetes will be there today too.

It by no means has dampened any of the joy we have shared these last few months and we will all be watching to make sure that the ‘uninvited guest’ (as I recently wrote about) will not be present to impact today’s joy either.

It will be here–it will not be a factor.

I have experienced a whole range of emotions these past few days.  The largest emotion or feeling I have has been pride.  We have good kids.  Not perfect (taking after their father) but really good kids.  They love each other. Their family is crucial to them and they have wonderful friends who all understand the joy of life.  They have so many that really, and I mean REALLY and TRULY love them.

They will have a great start to a great life.  They are good for each other……..the next time I write, I will be a father-in-law to a wonderful woman marrying my oldest son today; the one without diabetes.

I am a diabetes dad.

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