Tomorrow is Diabetes Leave Me Alone Day

October 8There are a wide variety of self-proclaimed ‘diabetes days’.  I think I would like to add one.

Let’s make Tuesday, October 8th, Diabetes Leave Me Alone Day.  I chose that day because it’s tomorrow.  Why put off something that can happen right away?

Here is how it would work.  Whoever is the caretaker of the person (or people) who are dealing with diabetes in your home, you must go give them the day off. (Why do I have visions of the vast population of women in this country–with few exceptions–leaving this article where it can be seen?).

Do it yourself, hire someone, but tomorrow the person who takes care of the diabetes in your household——is given the day off.

I want you to actually try to imagine that day……………didn’t work did it?

Even if you were actually given the opportunity, you know you would be called nine million times during the day to be asked a list of questions that it would just be easier if you handled it yourself……right?

Now hold on to that thought for one second.  You got it?

Now imagine every person with diabetes wanting the same thing even for ten minutes.  You see people with diabetes do not get a break like we think we deserve.  No matter what we may want or might imagine; people with diabetes can only dream.

So no matter what we go through, no matter what we feel, no matter what it is that has us completely frustrated for the day………it pales in comparison to the person who has it.

Always.  In all ways.  Period.

Whatever it is that I do on a daily basis…..I will do because I’ll get a break when they do; not one second before.  Because if I can grab ten minutes here or there, or even if it is only one minute………my children with diabetes do not have that luxury.

Sucks, don’t it?

I am a diabetes dad.

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7 replies on “Tomorrow is Diabetes Leave Me Alone Day”

So true Tom. I am both the person with diabetes and my own care taker. I’ve always dealt with my illness 24/7/365 from the moment I was diagnosed. Not to say that my parents weren’t there for me, and encouraging and helpful, but they taught ME to be responsible for ME. Yes, it’s tiring, and yes it’s a pain in the “you know what”, but when it comes down to it, what’s the alternative? As a result I’m healthier and more tuned in to my body that most of my “non-diabetic” friends.

And this is what I tell myself. When she gets a day off, then I will take one nothing sooner! It is a constant reminder to myself when feeling frustrated with an off diabetes day. It helps to tell myself “she can’t take a day off–neither can I”…until that cure! Although she is 17 and now on occasion will say “Mom, let me take the night shift so you can rest”. Even then it is hard to do after ten years. Slowly allowing her independence before leaving for college. The other day, first time forgot to take her meter to school (switched bags). I never got upset or angry, she thought I would be. I explained I have forgotten a meter once before, and it will probably happen again. We adjust and move on. Diabetes keeps moving..until that day!

Our 13YO daughter (dx at 11) became very independent very fast in relation to her diabetes and consequently does everything, except night time checks and filling new reservoirs. I have told her that if she wants “a day off” she can ask me anytime…. Of course, it’s not a 100% day off, but I take over all finger pricks, pump control and carb counting. She just has to give me her hand when I need it and allow me access to her pump belt! She doesn’t ask very often, but every once in a while, it just gives her the smallest break and allows her to not think T1D constantly. I so wish I could do more…

When our daughter was Dx at 9, I was retired. I took care because I was more accessible. As the year went on, I realized I was a diabetes control (Like it can be controlled!) freak. As I reflected on the DD future, I realized the care and yearning to learn had to involve everyone. To shorten the long story here, I went back to work about 1 1/2 year after Dx. Not just back – but back to a job where I go to the UK or Europe once a month (thank God for Skype!). DH manages superbly because I got out of his way, big Sis is great and DD is well versed in her care (her eye Dr. told her she knows more about her health than some of her adult patients!). She’s my baby and I spoil her a bit more, because when she leaves the nest – she has it all.

I Love Tom’s incredible insight and wisdom!! I’d love a day off or even ten minutes off for both myself and my daughter

Dang….too busy getting to my son’s endo appointment in another county after school yesterday to check facebook……maybe next year. And I agree that why should I get a day off if he doesn’t?

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