CloudsAs Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins have sung; “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now….”; I took this picture as the plane was landing last night and it was just such an incredible site. 


Some people (me included) have felt messages from lost loved ones in those clouds, some love to look for shapes, some even seek God as they look toward the heavenly clouds.  There seems to be solace, of some sort, as we look toward the heavens and see these majestic intangible mounds of fluff.

As we were landing, and as you see, the sky is crystal clear above the clouds.  We were about to pass through this barrier of clouds and the approaching evening was crystal clear below.


The clouds were thick and the plane rocked as it always does as it passes through theses masses of cotton candy condensation, but leveled out shortly later.  To those who do not fly often it was easy to read the touch of fear on their faces.  A young lady across from me looked my way, and I saw that fear.  I smiled at her.

“It’s over in a minute or two.”

When we were done she looked up and gave a smile back acknowledging my ‘expertise’ in flying through clouds.

To all those that are constantly able to help someone with less expertise in the new normal we now know as diabetes; the visual is clearly a reflection of how we are in our everyday lives.  Someone has a question about anything to do with diabetes; many in the DOC (diabetes online community) are so quick to jump in and help with the attitude of ‘been there done that’ and the advice of experience is shared.

The clouds I passed through last night were absolutely beautiful as we moved from one side to another.  It made me think of all of you out there who are just as beautiful and are ‘just there’.

Well every now and again, as I did last evening, stop to appreciate what is right in front of us all the time; quietly, moving, bigger-than-life, and beautiful…..but very, very……’there’. 

And that is all of you.  

Thank you for being there for me, for others, and for each other as we fly through the dark clouds and also the fluffy white clouds with expertise of knowledge, you all truly connect heaven and earth.

Bless all of you for what you do.

I am a diabetes dad.

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