A Slice of Life………Enjoy It!

Pumpkin Pie KaitlynIs your pie plate half full or half empty?  Even though there is no saying like that, there should be. 

Less than 12 hours after my daughter and her boyfriend took over our kitchen to make this incredibly delicious pie (her first attempt at a pumpkin pie, may I add), it was just about gone.  I was a little upset that her boyfriend got to take the second one home to his family, but I’ll get over it.

Now why in heaven’s name would I choose to write about baking a pumpkin pie?  Well the obvious reason is to inform you that there is more to pumpkins than just a carved, scary face with a light in it.  But many of you know that already, don’t you?

But this making of a pie was a strong reminder for me that sometimes we need to step back and enjoy simple things.  As Kaitlyn and Andre prepared themselves by going pumpkin picking, buying ingredients, and learning the ins-and-outs of what to do; it always thrills me as a parent to hear my kids laughing and enjoying themselves; at any age.  And this process allowed much of that.

I have stated before that Kaitlyn LOVES to enjoy things.  She gets truly excited over things that so many of us would let go by unnoticed.  Her love for life is enormous and she has a heart the size of Texas. 

As we were getting ready to go to the movies and see Gravity (two-and-a-half stars; it was okay, did not match the hype; have no idea why debris travels so fast in space when the stars do not; and when there is a command ship docked into a space lab–there should be people inside the space station, right?—but the 3D visuals were tremendous) I was enjoying the banter, the noise, and the laughter in our kitchen.

Simple things.

Just a reminder that sometimes it is better that the pie plate is half, or three-quarters empty and not a quarter filled.

Think about it.  Enjoy something simple today and share with us what it was. 

Now I need to eat some more pie before someone finishes the last of it.  🙂

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