Wires, Bulkiness, Lions, Tigers, and Bears….OH MY!!!!!!

Insulin pump vintageIn as much as it seems that the bionic pancreas (Ed Damiano) and other attempts at an artificial pancreas are constantly being reported as “not there yet’, “too bulky”, “too many wires still”, etc. etc. I would like to take this time to remind folks the following.

Picture a back pack on the back of an astronaut; now picture the device your child wears called an insulin pump–at one time that small device resembled the pack on the back of an astronaut. 

Time.  It all takes time.

Whether it be a device or research for a cure; something today can change quickly and drastically.  The data Ed shared just a short few years ago is completely different and advanced than now.  The discussion of islet cells working 5 years ago is also so much different now. 

Arrived?  Absolutely not–but all of this is a progression.  And as long as the progression is forward, that is a very a good thing.  So if you read or hear someone say, “Well it’s not here yet.”  No it isn’t but know that there is much work going on to perfect the many areas of research out there.  Things that seem only a dream, well time will show the difference.

I can tell you that just from the time Kaitlyn was diagnosed in 1992, to the time she started wearing a pump in 1999; the device looked completely different; and it looks different even today.

So do not lose hope in things that are being worked on; from so many different areas…..stay in touch, watch where and how it advances, and be patient.  I know things have been promised before, and that one foot with the “show me” attitude should always be on the dock; but use the insulin pump as a gauge on how fast technology can change from something that seemed like a dream to being in everyday use.

Let’s hope that so much more progresses as quickly.

I am a diabetes dad.

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If you are interested there is a great video on YouTube of the Inventor of the first insulin pump: Dean Kaman where he explains how and why he came up with the idea and how it was first used and he tells of the initial trial at Yale- all of which was when he was just a kid in highschool. It is really a neat story and I was 1 – lucky enough to be present to hear it first hand and 2 -extremely greatful and proud to have my daughter be a patient of Dr. Tamborlane at Yale and to be able to start kindergarten and the pump all in the same month.
Here is the link: (To view the part of his presentation about the pump- you’ll need to advance to 1H:30M). Thank you to RIT: ETC Video for capturing this moment. It really is worth a listen 🙂

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