Do You Ever Dream that Diabetes IS NOT in Your Life????

DreamsIt is not uncommon for me to dream that Kaitlyn does not, and never had, diabetes.  It is usually en event of some significance where we had to take her aside and check her blood glucose or stop what we are doing to give her an injection.

I had another last night.

It was a family gathering and I kept asking Jill if she had checked Kaitlyn and she kept answering, “for what?”  I always wake up with a ‘jolt’ because the dream usually ends with me thinking it was up to me to do as I try to explain the ‘why’, and am told there is no reason.

I am not so sure I would classify this as a nightmare but it surely is a weird feeling.  I have never once had a dream that Rob did not have diabetes; but I guess when you do something for the better part of 22 years it becomes part of your subconscious.

I never asked Kaitlyn, but I will.  I wonder of others have this dream and ESPECIALLY if people with diabetes have this dream and what kind of dream is it?

I know this sounds weird and I apologize in advance if I say this incorrectly.  I do know that people who have had amputations dream about having their limb again.  My dream is not “SO UNLIKE” that type of dream.

Do people with other diseases dream they don’t?  Please share your experience if this ever happens to you.

Dreams are so much more than doing the things we cannot do like flying; they are the desire to have things they way they once were………..again.

A dream that we all so long to become a reality……..sigh.

I am a diabetes dad.

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All the time Tom, all the time. I also dream that I know it’s coming….I know the day he will become a Type 1 Diabetic….so we plan. We spend our last days being especially care free. We eat what we want, when we want. We leave the house all day and don’t worry about medical supplies. We have warning and, although sad, we are able to “say goodbye” to the old like so to speak. These are the two dreams I have…..and that I sleep through the night!

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