“HEEEYYYYYY It’s Your Call Moms and Dads, I Follow Your Lead!!!!!”

Boy making a funny face“IT’S YOUR CALL!!!!!”

I read two things recently that really caught my eye.  One was from a mom who has a 5-year-old and she was looking into what was needed as he learned to wrestle.  Where would the pump go? Would he wear it?  What were the limitations?  She was determined to make sure that if he wanted to try a sport, she would find a way to make it work with his diabetes.

I say, one big BRAVO MOM.  I hear from many parents that they decided that diabetes would cause too much havoc for their children to play sports, so the opt not to participate.  Clearly, a parent’s choice is a parent’s choice and you are left to decide what is right or not. 

But if we are to tell our children that they can do anything with diabetes, but turnaround and not let them; the message is loud and clear; isn’t it?  Which takes me to my second point.  I read this from a mom writing about her daughter (who has T1).

“My child endures a lot in everyday life, as a child with type 1 diabetes. But she never lets it break her spirit and she has the biggest, kindest heart of anyone I know.”

“Never lets it break her spirit“.  What a wonderful observation.  Knowing the mom as I do, this statement is not a complete surprise.  They have a very special bond this mother and daughter and they could surely fill your ears with much of the bad that happens but they choose the positive.

As I follow families such as this one on FB, their pages are full of ‘always doing something’; going somewhere, meeting people, and also dealing with…….well….life.  We all have it and it is surely what we do with it that makes a difference… fact it makes ALL THE difference.

I also see posts that deal with nothing but hardships.  Life is miserable. Life is hard.  Major defeat in this diabetes world.  I know people, if you heard their stories your jaw would drop but the truth is, you will not know their stories.  They choose the positive to share.  Now I am not saying they are this pie-in-the-sky-life-is-wonderful-always but I am convinced that the best way to have a better life with diabetes is to start to have a better life with diabetes.

Look, it sucks.  I get it.  Two kids with diabetes sucks even more.  And I know one mom who has six kids, all with type-1.  So you can ‘own it’ or it can ‘own you’.  What’s your choice.  I’m speaking to parents of kids battling diabetes with this article as I am not silly enough to think I have any clue what it is like to have it; I don’t; that is a different discussion that only those who live with diabetes can address.

But I can address being a parent and in the hardship and the pain and the frustration that everyone feels; ask yourself what example are you being for your child?  Is it always easy? No.  Will your kids see you come to a breaking point at some time? Probably. But it is in your hands to show your kids how much THEY CAN DO and how much YOU CAN TAKE.  

I have seen some pretty horrible situations in my years in the diabetes world and know people who have come through on top at the worst of times; death,  jobless, single parents, horrendous divorce, homeless, no benefits, and more occurrences that have impacted their lives.  But beginning with ‘baby-steps’ they started their roadway back;  and they did it.  Their children saw some trying times on those parents’ faces; but never defeat.

If they see defeat, they will live defeat.   If they see victory, they will live victory.

It’s your call.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Loved this post; totally agree. It’s hard for me to bite my tongue when I hear parents saying that their kids aren’t going to do certain things because of T1!!

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