“Look at What I have Done, I Have Made Fire”…….in Your Diabetes World, SO Have YOU!!!!!

Cast awayWhere were you a year ago?

I ask this question especially to those who are fairly new at this ‘new normal’ called diabetes.  After you go through a rough patch; you know 3 a.m. check; 425; no ketones; 4 a.m. 427; nothing you do works; finally asleep 4:10 a.m.; up for school 6:30…..and on and on.  Think back to where you were a year ago.

I have often done this exercise to remind me how far we have come in dealing with diabetes.  What have we learned, what have we done, where are we going?   I am always amazed at thow things change in just a year’s time.

Remember that fabulous scene in Cast Away with Tom Hanks when he makes fire and he yells, “LOOOOOOOOOOK at what I HAVE DONE……I have MADE FIRE.”  Well so have you.  YOu have made MANY GOOD THINGS.

When looking back, attitudes, fears, discussions, inquiries, and other aspects have changed greatly.  When you are at this for a good amount of years, you can look back one year and move on to looking back to when your child was first diagnosed.  You learn a few things.

You learn that the management tools have changed significantly.   You learn that the foods have changed.  You learn that your attitude and fear has changed.  I always allow a tad of fear in my life when it comes to diabetes.  Just enough fear to respect what it can do if it goes completely unwatched.  A reminder to my kids about checking blood sugar before they drive or hearing an alarm and investigating know that we should not assume that ‘they have it’.

So as you travel along this diabetes roadway, stop every now and again and realize how far you have come.  Appreciate how you have become an expert in something, that when it first arrived, you knew NOTHING about.  It will help you to accept how much further you have to go.

Ready for another day……..because we must.

I am a diabetes dad.

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